When Posy Met Willy...

Before you get too excited, no we didn't get a new puppy. The puppy (Willy) belongs to our family friends however he is Posy's brother so as soon as the picked him up they brought him over to introduce him to Posy.

Look at his tiny face!!!

He was so tiny and cute and it's so hard to believe that Posy was ever that small! I know this a bit of a lame post but I thought Posy lovers might want to see a few pictures of just how cute Willy is!

Happy Monday :)

Love Scarlett and Posy

1 comment:

  1. Woah!! Willy is so cute, he almost looks like a toy dog. Posy always looked tiny to me compaired to my Ellie who's supposedly a small golden retriever but she's 27kg and can flaw you in seconds. Uber cute post! Thanks for sharing


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