The Scrabble Cake

You have already seen the first part of my mum's birthday present which was the knitted version of her but this is the very exciting second part! A SCRABBLE CAKE!

My mum's absolute favourite game in the whole world is scrabble and even though I hate it (more because I get way too competitive than anything) I decided to put my hatred aside for one night and make her this cake. 

Even though it looks fairly complicated it was actually not that hard to bake. I baked a simple vanilla flat square cake using an easy recipe I found online. It took ages to bake because it was so big so I was standing by the oven sticking skewer after skewer in for most of the night! 

I also baked TONS of square shaped sugar cookies and actually used real scrabble tiles to cut round to make sure I got them the right size. I then wrote the letters on with black writing icing and I really wanted to put the little  butnumbers in the corners too but it was too fiddly! 

Then I died some ready made fondant icing green and covered the cake with it. This bit was so hard and I was terrified I would mess up! Then I used a ruler to mark out where the grid should go and although I didn't get it at all perfect I don't think it looks too bad! And I finished it by spelling out Happy Birthday Mummy - scrabble style!

Oh I also had LOADS of drips down the side (we can't all be perfect) so I covered the sides in caramel buttons (her fave)

She really liked it and we all had it for her birthday tea! She also got some macaroons from Laduree and I couldn't not put a picture up because they just looked so pretty! 

I hope you like my scrabble cake, it was very fun to make and although it took AGES I think it was worth it. I have a super duper exciting post coming up tomorrow so make sure you check back here!

Love Scarlett



  1. That cake is amazing! I can't believe you baked square sugar cookies for the tiles... Very cool!

  2. That's literally the greatest thing I've ever seen! And the Macaroons look yummy too!

  3. that's dedication!!! Amazing cake, welldone!

  4. Cool cake, jumped over from Did You Make That. Love the blog and love your attitude, keep it going.....

  5. G'day, Teen Granny. Karen from 'Did You Make That?' sent me here. (And to show you how elderly and inept I am, I've already lost my first comment which will no doubt turn up somewhere else when I least expect it). I am a [step]granny but I don't have nearly as much fun as you seem to. I'm quite in love with that Scrabble cake. What a great blog. I'll certainly be back!


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