Happy Halloween

Hey Guys! Happy Halloween. Wahooo. I was super super excited about going into school today dressed in my awesome devil costume that I spent ALL NIGHT making. I get into school and... I'm the only one dressed up. Like THE ONLY ONE! It actually happened. That full on Mean Girls, Princess Diaries, every young adults book you've ever read moment. It was crazy. But I did feel pretty special. 

Anyway the real thing I wanted to talk about was that my FAVOURITE blogger Miss Indie is having an  awesome Halloween Blog Party all day today on her incredible blog. She's going to be posting D.I.Y.s, tips and so many other fun things! I cant wait. 

Make sure you check it out because she's awesome and it's going to be incredible. 

Hope everyone has a lovely day.

Love Scarlett. 


Halloween Costumes

I feel like this is cheating a little bit because most of my favourite costumes are Posy's Halloween Costumes (she has three this year) but as well as pictures of Posy there are some pretty awesome costumes here that I have found online. If you have made your own Halloween Costume or if you just have a really awesome one please send me your pictures! I would love to see them. I have spent all week making my brothers costume which is going to be AWESOME! I will do a whole post on it tomorrow. 

Paper Doll

Firefox Logo

Posy as a Ladybird

Posy as a Devil

My brother as a cereal killer. 

Posy as a duck.

A girl from a comic book.

A black and white photo.

Happy Halloween!

Love Scarlett 


The Click on This List 4

This Clip from Breaking Dawn. - Yup, that's right. I love Twilight. I mean come on, who doesn't, it's amazing. And this clip just made me so excited I couldn't even speak for like 5 minutes. 

This Interview with Zooey Deschanel. - as you all know Zooey Deschanel is my most favourite person of all time ever in the whole world and maybe the whole universe. This interview is 25 Things you didn't know about Zooey Deschanel and its uh-mazing. 

This Recipe for Lemon Crinkle Cookies. - I made these crinkle cookies the other day and they were 100% the best cookies I have EVER baked. They are crispy, chewy and soft all at the same time (what!) and their really really easy to make! 

My Studded Pumpkin. - I kind of hate carving pumpkins, it's so gross and orange and sticky and moulds after like two hours. So this is the perfect alternative. I just stuck loads of drawing pins into the pumpkin and it looks great. 

The Trailer for The Lorax - AH this looks so amazing! The music, the colours, the voices, just everything. 

Adam Levine's Missing Torso - unless this guy is the most insanely skinny, freakish person in the whole world, this is a pretty badly photoshopped picture. 

My Hello Giggles Halloween DIY - I'm loving writing for Hello Giggles so much, and this week I've made a super super easy and fun Halloween Costume DIY.

Hope you like my clicks,
Love Scarlett 


Posy Posy

Hey There,

So guess how bored I am? Bored enough to have spent the last hour making GIFs of my awesome puppy. Rock on. I didn't know what GIFs where until today either but apparently they are these cool little moving pictures. They sort of remind me of Harry Potter's moving pictures. 

I made mine on the website Make a Gif and it was super easy and fun. 

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Love Scarly.


Cake Pops

I was sorting through some of my old photos last night (like you do when it's 3 am and your still awake) and I found some pictures of these cake pops I made for fathers day and completely forgot about! 

If you haven't heard of cake pops, they are a new craze in the world of baking and consist of crumbled up cake mixed with frosting and coated in chocolate - YUM! They are amazing and although they are pretty tricky to make they were not actually as hard as I thought they would be and definitely worth the wait. 

These ones were chocolate cake but recently I made some Red Velvet ones with cream cheese frosting and those were INCREDIBLE! 

I used the book Cake Pops by Angie Dudley which has some really cute suggestions for other shaped cake pops. 

I also bought some blue candy melts (basically just blue chocolate buttons) which I used to make these ones. Then I covered them in little red heart sprinkles. 

Hope everyone is having a brilliant half term and if you're not on half term then I'm very sorry.

Love Scarlett. 


Hello Giggles

If you follow me on Twitter of have been anywhere near me for the past 3 Saturdays you will know that I've been writing weekly pieces for my FAVOURITE website of all time ever Hello Giggles. I'm not quite sure why they have asked me to do and I'm pretty sure there going to realise how lame I am in about 5 minutes but until then there will be a piece called 'Tales of a Teen Granny' up on their homepage every Saturday. The one that is coming out today is probably my favourite so if you feel like it you can read it. It's called 'Things I Have Learnt From Medical TV Shows' and I hope you like it... and if you don't like it please just lie and tell me you did.

Happy Saturday,

Love Scarlett.


The Click on This List 3.

This weeks Click on This List is a little late but it's full of awesome things to help keep you procrastinating as long as is humanly possible.

1. This awesome Cheap and Easy Halloween Makeup. The tin foil is genius! I practiced on the weekend and it looked brill. But I still have eyelash glue on my face...

2. This video of Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake when they were teeny. It's SO cute. I also saw Crazy Stupid Love this week which I loved!

3. This picture of William and Kate. Words cannot explain how much I love them. 

4. A Very She & Him Christmas - It's not even out yet and I'm already flipping out. Zooey Deschanel + Christmas is my idea of HEAVEN. Listen to the first track and you will feel automatically happy.

6. This Hot Chocolate Spoons D.I.Y - this is the perfect autumn recipe for cute little chocolate spoons that you swirl through your hot chocolate to make it even yummier.

7. This Hilarious Video from Hello Giggles -  okay two videos about Ryan Gosling in one list. That's pretty intense. But this one is hilarious.

8. Tom Hanks Thank You Cards - I gots to be making some of these come Christmas Time. 

Love Scarlett x


Twit Knit Club Project 4 - FOOD!

Thats right people, it's time to get excited, because knitted food has officially arrived. First off I must say don't worry, that crazy lady in the picture above is not me. I found her on google. And she is my new idle. Second I have to say just how excited I am for this Twit-Knit project! For those of you who are not aware of the phenomenon that is knitted food you better get ready because there are so many patterns out there just waiting to be knitted. There are tons of books on knitted cakes, vegetables and fruit and there are hundreds of food patterns on Ravelry.  These are a few of my favourite ones I have found so far. 

You could try knitting some yummy sushi. - this pattern looks pretty easy.

Or a scrumptious iced doughnut. 

I especially love this fish and chips pattern.

If your looking for something quick and easy try this Mini Rainbow Cake Pattern. (crochet)

If, like me your a HUGE battenberg fan, you could try this pattern.

Or these perfect cupcakes.

and if you want any tips or suggestions, brilliant Twit-Knit member @goldenblades91 has already made this incredibly impressive vegetable basket. You can read all about it on her blog

As usual the rules for Twit-Knit Club are pretty simple. Just pick a project, start knitting, and tweet about as much as possible. If you want to get involved just tweet me and I will tweet your name out for the rest of the club to see. Everyone who has joined so far has been so lovely and sweet and I feel I have made some real Twit-Friends. 

I hope everyone manages to find a great pattern and if you do tweet what your doing so we can all enjoy!

Lots of Love Scarly. 


Twit-Knit Club Update

Dear Twit-Knit Club,

I have a confession, and it's a pretty bad one. I started a new school recently and the rise in 'normal' teenage activities has resulted in a decline of knitting activity which means... I haven't finished my hat yet :( I have been working on it really hard but unfortunatly it is not yet done.

Despite having slowed down myself everyone else in the club has been doing amazingly!

@bakebakegirl has finished her beautiful blue and purple hat (don't worry, thats not a picture of her).

@baileysbear is doing awesomely with her orange hat. 

@megeroberts and @kateeroberts made these cute little hats for the Innocent Smooth Campaign

@JennyJHoward knitted this lovely grey hat for a soldier in Afghanistan 

@Mhairi AMAZING multi-coloured hat. 

@faithyb33 soft and beautiful pink hat with flower

@VicksG beautiful baby in her adorable Twit-Knit Club hat! 

This is my pink hat so far :( as you can see I'm not doing anywhere near as good as these Twit-Knit Club members... but it is pink. 

Because Hats was a much harder project than usual everyone is still at different stages so while still carrying on with hats I am also going to launch our next project which is... TWIT-KNIT FOOD! 

Knitted food is incredible! And there are so many different patterns out there. I will do a proper launch blog sometime this week but until then please start thinking about what you are going to knit. Twit-Knit Food is going to be our best project yet. 

You can join in the knitting fun by using the twitter hashtag #twitknitclub  or just tweet me @scarlykfcurtis. We are growing bigger every day and there was even an article about Twit-Knit Club on Crafty Crafty you can find it here.

Good luck to everyone still finishing their hats and for everyone else... get excited for Twit-Knit Food!

Love Scarlett.

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