The Click on This List

1. These INCREDIBLE mock posters from The Shiznit. 

2. The Bridesmaids DVD Commentry. - I finally got round to listening to the commentry on the Bridesmaids DVD this weekend and ohmagod it's so funny! It's with most of the cast, the writers and the director and I'm not gonna confirm this but it might even be as funny as the movie (which is one of my faves) - it was taped a few days before the movie came out so they have NO idea if anyones even gonna like it which just makes it all that more delicious. It's definitely worth a listen.

3. This Music Video.

4. The Dresses at the Screen Actors Guild Awards - I have to admit I was ever so slightly dissapointed at the golden globes fashion but I think the SAG makes up for it completely. 

5. Pupcakes - There are no words to describe my love for these. I'm thinking Posy's birthday?

6. This Interview with Kristen Bell - This is without a doubt the best youtube video/interview/THING I have ever layed eyes on in my life. It actually made me tear up and grab Posy to have the biggest snuggle. Watch the whole thing right away!

7. This Old Fashioned Twitter Poster.

8. This Awesome Way of Eating Carrots and Humous.

10. This Picture - One of Zooey Deschanel's followers found this picture in a 1965 issue of Life Magazine! The resemblance is so cool.

Happy Clicking,
Love Scarlett x

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