Cross Stitch Crazy

Hello :) So, I realised that recently I've been talking a lot about my recent cross stitching on Hello Giggles but I haven't really talked about it on here so I thought I would post some pictures and information about my cross stitch as it's obviously extremely important! 

I'd never really done cross stitch before a few weeks ago but at the moment I'm really enjoying it. I started with this one of a flower fairy which I got from a craft shop.

Then I made this one which I got the pattern from the cutest little online shop called The Sewing Seed.

And then I made up this one for my Hello Giggles piece.

And then I made this one also from the sewing seed. 

Happy Monday :)

Scarlett x


  1. Robot has to be my faaaav!!! Ps just wanted to say my blog has moved and my domain is still floating around... Blog is at don't worry I haven't quit blogging lol x

  2. I love the fairy! Looks vintage.

  3. awesome, the robot is just too cute!

  4. Great work, Scarlett! Thanks for mentioning my shop :)


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