Get Your Knit Together..

In the spirit of new years cleaning I've decided to do a few posts on organising your crafting! Before I started knitting I was never a very organised person, in fact I was a famously unorganised person. But I think there's something about having so many balls of wool, needles, threads hanging around that makes a little organisation extremely necessary. 

I used to just bung everything in my knitting bag and call it a day but recently I've begun using plastic pockets and it's changed everything (okay maybe not everything, but it has helped my knitting bag be more organised). You can buy them from any stationary shop and there super cheap and extremely useful! Also the bag I keep them all in is a Cath Kidston knitting bag which you can find here. And the picture above is of the front pocket where I keep everything I've made recently. So this is what I keep inside my bag...

A folder of buttons.

A folder of crochet hooks, double pointed needles and small knitting needles. 

A folder of embroidery threads.

A folder of my favourite patterns printed out.

A pair of scissors

An old lipstick case with needles inside.

A Cath Kidston Little Book of Pins with pins and thimbles inside.

I appreciate that to some people this post will be mind numbingly boring but I'm pretty proud of how organised my knitting is and I wanted to share :)

Happy Weekend!

Love Scarlett


  1. I'm jealous of your organised bag - i'm gonna have to sort mine now ;-)

  2. I love it. I am the same I get bogged down and lazy then a little bit of inspirational organisation and boom! 'ain't no stopping me now' love the bag and scissors pouch.

  3. Hi there! I found your blog after you were featured in Mollie Makes (congratulations!) and I loved this post - I'm a bit of a neat freak with my craft stuff, and it was nice to see how you organised your bits and pieces. (I confess that I have a real weakness for the Cath Kidston tins and bits and bobs as well...)


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