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The Knitted Emma Freud (my mum)

So, as you will know if you follow my mum on twitter it was my mums 50th birthday this Wednesday. It was a very very exciting day for us because my mum is so amazing and we wanted to make it a really special day for her. I knew it was up to me to make a really great present so I decided to immortalise her forever in wool!

I've only knitted a person once before when I knitted Prince William for the royal wedding. I really loved the pattern for William which was from Fiona Gobles book Knit Your Own Royal Wedding. Sometimes I think my mum looks a bit like Kate Middleton (a teeeny bit) so I decided to adjust the Kate Middleton pattern to make it look more like my mum. 

I made the body the same, added LOADS of hair (my mum has huge hair) and tried to make the face look as similar as possible. I used blue wool for the middle of the eyes and a little red mouth.

My favourite dress my mum owns is this silver sequin one that she wore to the War Horse premier (doesn't she look lovely!) and it was my Dad's idea to sew sequins onto a white dress to make it look like this one.

I adjusted and shortened the pattern for Kate Middleton's dress and then sewed on loads of silver sequins.

Super excitingly my mum was awarded an OBE (my little brother says it means obviously best ever) and while I was wrapping the doll I found her OBE and pinned it onto the knitted Emma and wrapped it with the OBE attatched! It was really funny.

My Mum also ALWAYS wears a tiara (a look she copied from ME btw) so I made the doll a tiny tiara. 

When it was all done my mum loved it! And she's framed it in a box fram to put in her room. It's certainly not something I'm going to be doing for everyone because it took a lot of work but I'm so glad I could make it for my mum on her super special birthday. 

Happy Friday! 

Love Scarlett 


  1. That is very cool and a super birthday pressie. (your mum so does not look 50) well done.

  2. That is without doubt the best piece of crafting I have ever seen EVER and makes you the best daughter in the history of daughters. I love the OBE pinned to it! Your mum must be thrilled to have such a loving, caring daughter. I'm gobsmacked.

  3. That is uncanny. You could open a knitted Madame Tussaud's-style attraction.

    Who will you knit next? Posy maybe?

  4. Ah thank you so much! I'm thinking Madame Knit-sauds has a great future. Your comments have made my night :) xxx

  5. you should knitt Rob halford so i could buy it!

  6. What a wonderful daughter you are, this is a beautiful present, you are obviously very talented.

  7. I wish this were mine. She is so lovely.
    What a tribute.


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