Valentines Day Twit-Knit

Agh okay I apologize this post is SO late! You may have also noticed (if your in twit-knit) that I haven't been on twitter recently. It's been all so busy recently and then I've been ill for the past week and most of the time I'll be so ready to blog or tweet but then as my fingers hit the keyboard something in me flips and all I want to do is run a mile! I don't know if it's just me who has this crazy love/hate twitter relationship but I'm sorry for letting the club down a bit recently.

Anywayz, lots of people have been talking about Valentines Day recently (surprise surprise) and even for those Twit-Knit club members who are single I think this will be a fun project because remember that Valentines is for telling EVERYONE how much you love them and not just your boyfriend/girlfriend. I for one am going to be celebrating with Posy. Yes, I know that sounds crazy. No, I don't care!

So I've been trawling through the internet and have made a little shortlist of all my favourite loved up knitting and crochet patterns to inspire you on your Valentines Twit-Knit adventure! Just click on the picture and it will take you to the pattern or info about how to buy the pattern.

Some of these patterns look so hard and are mostly just for show but remember if these look out of your comfort zone you can make anything you like just using more valentines-day colours. A pink scarf? A red blanket? Anything counts!

If you don't know what Twit-Knit is yet you can read about it here, and if you want to join just start tweeting your progress and tweet me here!

Happy Valentines :)
Love Scarlett.


  1. Some cute inspiration. I will also be sharing Valentines with Ellie :D Hope you're feeling better x

  2. Those are too cute! Was thinking about taking up knitting but didn't think there was anything cool to make but like the idea of making toys. :)


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