Heat Magazine and The Oscars.


We are back from Miami where me and my mum and my brother had THE MOST AMAZING five day holiday of all time. Even Mr Elephant got a tan. After 15 years of religious american TV watching it felt like I had come home and between shopping and lying on the beach it was the best holiday ever.

I did try to knit on the beach but got A LOT of strange looks so I have fallen behind on my knitting but tonight i plan to go knitting crazy while staying up to watch the oscars. I have seen pretty much every single film nominated tonight so I literally couldnt be more excited and just for fun I have decided to do my version of who I think should win.

Best Film:
127 Hours

Best Actor:
James Franco tied with (your allowed that in my Oscars) Colin Firth

Best Actress:
Natalie Portman

Best Supporting Actor:
Andrew Garfield

Best Supporting Actress:
Amy Adams

Best Animated Film:

Best Director:
Danny Boyle

Best Original Screenplay:
Another Year

Best Adapted Screenplay:
Never Let Me Go tied with The Social Network

Best Comedy (they have that catogary in my Oscars):

Lets hope all the ones i love win (apart from the ones that are not exactly nominated) and if you are also staying up PLEASE tweet me because i am going to be so bored.

and finally the most exciting news of all time, ever, in the history of the world, in the universe, with knobs on...


page 37.. THE BARBIE CAKE!!!!!

It was our last day in Miami and i got a text from my friend and SCREAMED!!! This is literally the most exciting moment in my life. I will never need anything again.

if you didnt see it go and buy a copy because it is so exciting!!!

Good Luck if your staying up for the oscars!

Love Scarlett


Best Poem Ever

Mrs Darwin
By Carol Ann Duffy

7 April 1852
Went to the Zoo.
I said to Him—
Something about that Chimpanzee over there reminds me of you.

This always cheers me up.

Love Scarlett

Valentines Princess

I have finally done it, it has been my dream since i was four and I am proud to say I have finally made... THE BARBIE CAKE! It may have taken about four hours of baking, crying, failing, smooshing, squeezing and dipping my hair in a substantial amount of icing but it was SO worth it.

I started out by planning to make a circular flat cake and a rounded cake to stack on top of each other to make the dress - this did NOT work. The flat cake worked perfectly (the cake inside is also pink) but the dome shaped cake completely fell apart so in the end I had to stick together lots of small parts of cake to try and form a dress shape and then quickly cover them in more pink icing than you have ever seen in your whole life, before anyone noticed.

I think if I never do anything again in my life this will definitely count as my lifetime achievement. I am so proud!

on another note... the baftas were very interesting/boring and although I did love the Kings Speech and was SO glad that Colin won, I thought some of the others should have won as well, ESPECIALLY the absoulutely incredible 127 hours.

I hope everyone had a lovely valentines day.

Love Scarlett


Valentines Love

Hello :D 

Sorry I have not blogged in a while. It has been a super busy week but not to worry I have still been knitting! And in proper valentines day spirit I have been knitting lots of little pink hearts. There so quick to knit and I am going to give them as valentines day presents to everyone I love! I found the pattern on this AMAZING website ( and its really nice and easy and you can customise them and even give them little faces. 

As well as knitting, this year I have been watching loads of amazing movies and have seen some of my favourite movies of all time this year (kings speech, 127 hours, black swan, etc). So tomorrow I think I will do a blog on some of them. 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and if you decide to make one of the hearts please send me a picture!

Love Scarlett

p.s. here is a picture of my incredible cat in his new bed 


Mr Elephant

Mr Elephant is my newest and favourite creation. He is mostly my favourite because I made up the pattern for him myself! This is my first pattern I have ever made up so he is nowhere near as good as some of the professional ones but for a first attempt I am very happy! He is really tiny and has little sleepy eyes and a pink smile. Elephants have always been one of my favourite animals and I love Dumbo so that is why I wanted to make an elephant. He is also made of grey cashmere which means he is SO soft and cuddly.

Please give me your comments and tell me if you like him or not! And if there are any knitters who want to make him I can send you the instructions. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Love Scarlett and The Elephant.


Quote of the Day

Grandmothers are just antique little girls.  ~Author Unknown

Going to the country for the weekend, I will try to blog but we have awful internet so I may not be able to (how will you survive!) I am going to spend my weekend knitting though so I will have lots of new and lovely little friends to show you on Monday. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Love Scarlett 


Keep Calm and Knit On.

Today has been a big day for me (knit-wise) because I have invented my first patter! YAY! Unfortunately it's not finished yet so you will have to wait another day before you get to see my brand new invention. I will also blog the pattern so other people can make it too. For now I will just post some pictures of random other little things I have made that have not earned their own blog post.

Princess Molly - I made this doll from a kit over one weekend. She's very pretty but quiet because she was not born with a mouth.

It was also a huge day for my family because it was the launch of Red Nose Day! I will blog about the special red nose day knitting thing I am doing in a few days but everyone remember to buy your nose and your T-shirt and to do something funny for money.

And just remember... If you ever feel sad or scared...

And also remember... TOMORROW'S FRIDAY. 

Love Scarlett 


My Brilliant Invention.

Sweet Cake...

A months ago it was my brother Spikes birthday, he was turning 7 and I had been doing a lot of baking at the time so I was very excited to make him a big birthday cake. However when I told him what I was going to do, his little face dropped. It turns out my brother hates cake! Although this is literally impossible for me to understand (birthday cake is favourite food), I had to try and come up with another plan. His favourite food in the world is Haribo gummy bears and so after thinking for a little while I came up with... The Sweet Cake! 

I started off by baking a simple circular chocolate cake. When it had cooled down I  simple hollowed out the middle of the cake (leaving plenty of room around the sides and underneath) with a knife and spoon. I then covered the cake with white fondant icing and filled the middle with gummy bears. I also decorated it with fondant icing '7's and wrote 'Spike is Amazing' on the side (because he is). Spike was so excited when he saw it and I'm pretty sure he ate every single gummy bear from the middle. 

Its a really fun idea for a birthday cake because you still get the yummy cake but you can fill it with something they really love. I was thinking you could even fill the middle with lots of tiny presents or jewelery. 

Im still working on the dress which is taking AGES but looking really nice and I am also making some mini Koalas! I will post pictures when I'm done.

Love Scarlett 

p.s. if your bored - watch this -


Felt the Love.

Felt is another material I love to work with. if I'm working on a particularly tricky knitting project and its taking ages and not feeling like its getting anywhere, it's really fun to stop and make something out of felt because it is SO much quicker! 

Me and mum found the kit for this Love cushion at a Christmas fair. its from Sparrowkids (, they have loads of really amazing kits and they turn out really beautifully. 

I had so much fun making this cushion (which i still have to stuff) that i decided to start doing some felt projects of my own. the first one i made was the cushion i am holding in the picture of me at the top of this blog. i really loved the exposed big colourful stitches on the other one so i decided to use a lot of them as well as some cool coloured felt. i also made one saying Peace and another saying Joy but unfortunately gave these away for Christmas so i have no pictures. 

my most recent felt creation was this personalised iPad case for my mums birthday. her initials are EF and my dad gave her an iPad so she was really happy with it. 

if i start selling things online (which i am trying to set up!) i am definitely going to try and sell some felt cushions or cases because they are so much fun to make and i think they turned out quite well.

hope everyone had a good Tuesday.

Love Scarlett

These are a few of my favourite things...


Although i love knitting it is not my only passion in life (thank god), i am also obsessed with movies. cross my heart and swear to die i have only ever seen one movie my whole life that i havent loved! and i have seen A LOT of movies. it's not because i have no brain or am un-able to not like things, i think its just because no matter what the movie i always see the good side of it, the side that the people making the movie wanted you to see. although i must also admit i have never and will never see a horror film. i had to leave hot fuzz half way through and go home and watch the sisterhood of the travelling pants 3 times just to get over how scary it was! 
Here is my constantly growing list of my top 10 movies of all time ever (not in order)...

tell me if you agree/disagree.

Love Scarlett
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