Some Movies I Saw and Liked...

Okay so anyone who knows me would laugh out loud at the idea of me giving anyone advice on what movies to watch as it is widely known that I love every movie I see. But I feel like although I do like pretty much every movie I like them all to different amounts so can hopefully still be relied to talk about them.

 As you can see I've been watching a lot of movies recently! And to tell you the truth I've pretty much liked all of them. I like to think of the Oscars as like a second Christmas but only like 20 people get presents, still, I'm pretty happy it's Oscar season again. So here's a little bit about what I've been watching recently...

Like Crazy

I think it's safe to say this is in my top 3 movies of the year so far, it's. just. so. good. It's beautiful, the acting is amazing. It's a very indie movie but unlike most it's actually got a plot! and some of it was filmed very near my house. It's just amazing. 

Young Adult

I also REALLY liked this movie. I actually watched it twice in one week. One time at like 2 in the morning on my own and another time with my family. Juno was one of my favourite movies ever and although this is very different from Juno it's still amazing. Charlize is just so good, I've never really seen her in anything before and I just couldn't get over how good she is in this. It's definitely one to watch. 

Martha Marcy May Marlene

I was really excited about this film and although I enjoyed it, it wasn't quite as good as I thought it was going to be. The performances are really great and it looks beautiful but I found it a bit of a weird mixture of scary and creepy but also a little boring at points. That said, I'm still glad I watched it and it was worth it for Elizabeth Olsens performance. 

The Descendants

OK this film is actually amazing. I thought it was going to be really sad and was all ready for tears, although I did cry a bit, it's mostly just a really funny, charming, lovely movie. It's one of those movies that just slowly tells a really great story instead of forcing you into a crazy plot line. And yes I did just read that back and no it doesn't make any sense but still, this movies really good. 


Bleugh I'm getting very bored of liking all these movies now and am re-thinking writing this post as I can't come up with any more words to say 'amazing' but surprise, surprise this film is also amazing. I think the problem with this one is that it was kind of advertised as a 'huge comedy about cancer' and although it's really funny, you would have been disappointed if you were looking for a cry yourself laughing comedy. Instead it's just a really emotional, funny, at times very sad, and extremely well acted movie that I really enjoyed. 

Tree of Life

I didn't really enjoy this film that much but I was so proud of myself for sitting through the whole thing that I had to put it on here...


Guess what? This films also really great! It's not like completely gripping but it's got some really charming and creative bits in it (especially the bit with the dog) and I must say I know have a massive girl crush on Melanie Laurent.

The Help

I don't know if I blogged about this already but I was so excited about The Help that I read the book super quickly before I saw it and just fell in love. So when it actually came to watching the movie I was a little nervous, especially after watching Film 2011! But it's AMAZING! It makes you feel so proud to be a girl because the actresses are just incredible. Emma Stone is one of my favourite people in the world and she's as good as ever and the whole thing is just brilliant! 


Well I have a bit of a complicated relationship with Carnage because I watched it and really enjoyed it but was also slightly traumatised! To me it seemed like a really serious, sad movie about the collapse of relationships and it wasn't till I woke up the next morning and googled it that I realised it was supposed to be a comedy!! I don't know if this means I'm just really stupid or if other people found it much more serious that expected but either way I definitely enjoyed it even if it wasn't for the right reasons! 

Okay well, that was what I thought of these movies, please comment to tell me if you agree and if you haven't seen any of them then get your ass to the cinema because there all great (except maybe Tree of Life)

Love Scarlett


  1. Thanks for the great list. I havent seen any of these. Some I really want to see and others I haven't even heard of. Look forward to checking the out soon!

  2. I absolutely loved the help! I read it just before I discovered it had come out, and when I went to see it it was even better than I though it would be. Some of the clothes in it were wonderful too (: I was actually going to ask if you had seen it, and then I scrolled down and saw it (:


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