The Cat in the Hat and The Bunny in the Jumper.

'Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.'

'They say I'm old-fashioned, and live in the past, but sometimes I think progress progresses too fast.'

'I've heard there are troubles of more than one kind, some come from ahead and some come from behind, But I've brought a big bat. I'm already you see, now my troubles are going to have trouble with me.'

- Dr Seuss. (my fifth favourite author of all time)

This is my cat Lila, in her hat. She is already angry at me because I think she can sense we are getting a puppy. (less than a month to go... AAH!)

And I knitted my bunny a jumper, because all 3 inch bunnies deserve jumpers. And thats the truth.

Tonight I cried my eyes out at 'Dead Poets Society'. It was such an INCREDIBLE movie im still a bit tearful. If you haven't seen I would SERIOUSLY watch it and if you have... watch it again. Also, its got Wilson from House in... and everyone loves Wilson from House.

Love Scarlett.



To say Twit Knit Club is going well so far would be an understatment. I am so shocked by how many people are taking part and loving it (i hope) I literally can't believe it! I was all prepared for it to just be me and my mum sitting at home knitting and crying because no one wanted to join in our twit knit club but NO! so many amazing people are taking part and not only am I having so much fun seeing how everyone is getting along, I also feel like I have made loads of new twitter friends!

My squares are going very well, I have done 6 so far and am hoping to do a few more tonight while watching the baftas (award ceremonys are are almost my favourite things in life). It hadn't even occured to me to do cool patterns until I saw everyone elses awsome squares so I think I will try my first pattern tonight!

If you are already in Twit Knit Club PLEASE keep on going and posting pictures and tweeting! And if you havent started yet it is never to late to join and we would love to have you.

Here are a few pictures of how people have been getting on so far! I'm sorry if you have posted a photo and I havent put it up. Either I haven't found it yet or the website won't let me copy it over!

I love everyone in Twit Knit Club so much and keep on twitting and knitting!

Lovely blue square by @bakebakegirl

Very well knitted white square by @nic361

AMAZING stripes by @aspetalsfall

A very cool pattern by @daniinthegarden

Lovely grey by @kateeroberts

A beautiful blue square/rectangle by @veganmel

A very cool photo and square by @amylouriddick

A few of @rachel_hill INCREDIBLE squares!

A lovely mixture of colours by @mhairigirl

Pretty pastels by @morlehh

Some more from @daniinthegarden

I literally cant BELIEVE how cool these squares by @jobo501 are!

An amazing first square by @emmafreud

Love Scarlett.

Twit Knit Club

I got such a great response about the Twit Knit Club and it has made me so excited I think we should start straight away!

The only rules are that you must be on twitter and you must tweet at least a little bit about how much progress (or non-progress) you are making with the chosen pattern. Pictures and storys about how the knitting is going will be great too.

I think we should start off with a patchwork blanket. All you have to do is knit lots (or as many as you can) of little squares in all different colours and then at the end you can sew them together to make a beautiful blanket. I think I will use mine for my new puppy!

The pattern for the squares could not be more simple and you can use whatever size needles and wool you want. I am using 4mm needles and lots of different types of wool but if you want yours to be bigger or smaller simply use your favourite needle size.

The Pattern:
- Cast On 20 stitches.
- Knit garter stitch until square.
- Cast off.

I am going to try and knit a square number of squares (4,9,16,etc) because then I can have a square blanket but everyones can be different shapes and sizes so feel free to knit as many or as few squares as you want.

I am going to start my first square tonight and if your interested in knitting please start tweeting me and join in! It will be a really fun project and I'm even going to try and get my mum to join in too.

Good Luck!

Love Scarlett.


Exciting News!

A lot of excitement has been building since I tweeted yesterday (ok a tiny bit of excitement but I like to pretend it was lots) and the exciting news is...WE ARE GETTING A PUPPY!

As anyone who follows me or my mum on twitter will know we have been considering getting a puppy for a few months and after much searching we finally found the perfect pup. He is an apricot Maltipoo, a cross breed between a Maltese and a Poodle. At the moment he looks a lot like a rat but on the 12th of june (9 days before my birthday) he will be ours!! We already have three cats but this is our first dog (and its going to be mine) and I am so excited I cant even breathe! If you have any tips for getting a new puppy or any name suggestions pleeease comment or tweet me! Also... in true teenage granny style I am knitting the new puppy a patchwork blanket so I will post pictures as it comes together.

The Puppys Mum and Dad:

And my other bit of exciting news is that I have had an idea to start a twitter knitting club! I think it will be so much fun and already loads of people have said they are interested. It will be fun not only because knitting is awsome but also because there are about 10,000 funny names we could call it (knit-twit, knitter, twitkniters, etc.)

We could all get together (online), pick a pattern and work on it at the same time, tweeting and posting pictures of our progress.

If you are interested PLEASE comment or better yet tweet me (@scarlyKFcurits) and we can hopefully get it started this week. Maybe we could all start with a patchwork blanket as it is really easy.

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend and MASSIVE good luck to all the moonwalkers (my madre included)

Love Scarlett the soon to be Twit-Knit Club inventor and puppy owner.


Getting Cosy

I know its not exactly easter any more but I had to post some pictures of these Egg Cozys! I'm love any kind of celebration and although obviously christmas comes first easter is also great, so I knitted these for my whole family (mum, dad, granny, three younger brothers) and put them on everyones boiled eggs on easter morning. I think the soldier one is my favourite although the pink and green one is the one I am most proud of because it took SO long to make!

I just got back from water for elephants which was suprisingly reeally good! And Mr Elephant thinks it is pretty much the best film ever made.

Love Scarlett.
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