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Cupcake in a Jar

Okay so when I saw these cupcakes in jars on My Cakies I literally fell in love! Our family has a slight obsession with jars (now there's a sentence I never thought I'd say) so I knew I absolutely HAD to have a go at making some.

Cupcakes in jars may sound crazy but in reality it's such a clever idea. It keeps away the crumbs, looks super cute and you can take one home for laters.

I know I've made it before but I made the salted caramel again but I thought I would stick with something I knew when trying out something new with the jars!

For the chocolate cake I used the primrose bakery chocolate cupcake recipe from my new primrose baker app (it's great but unfortunately my phone is now covered in golden syrup!). It was such a cool recipe because it used melted chocolate instead of cocoa powder which I've never seen before but it worked so well! There so crazy chocolaty and fudgey and just insane. 

For the middle layer I made Hannah Obee's salted caramel as I did before which worked perfectly again.

Then I added another layer of crushed up chocolate cupcakes (YUM!)

And on the top I put salted caramel frosting which was such an ordeal to make! I tried to make butter cream icing and then pour in some of my caramel and it worked perfectly at first but then it went seriously wrong and watery and weird! Luckily Teen Granny's mummy (Teen Great Granny? Teen Mummy?) was there to save the poor icing with cream cheese and a lot of whisking and it came out PERFECT. 

I topped them off with some Maltesers...

And then popped on the lid!

So I was very very pleased with the way these turned out and everyone's eating them now (they were for my parents dinner party) so I don't know how they went down yet! I think they would make the cutest going home gifts because there very portable.

Teen Great Granny was doing some cooking at the same time and making some vair fancy onion and cheese puff pastry pizza type things. She also made a HAYUGE ham which she cooked in Cherry Coke. She's an awful baker but a truly amazing cook. Maybe I could get her to do a guest cooking post one day...

Anyway I hope this will inspire you to do some baking this weekend, unfortunately after the bake I've been alone all night with Pose watching Community while my parents dine downstairs :(

Happy Weekend!

Love Scarlett, Posy and The cast of Community

p.s. I wrote this post on Friday which was the night I made these and I can confirm that I have since found out that they were very yummy and went down very well! 


  1. Inspired!! love it. I've always loved sweet treats in jars but I've never tried anything like this, genius.

  2. they look fab, and are defiantly on my to make list. thank you for sharing.

  3. How do you make ham with Cherry Coke?! Is it like, the glaze?

  4. Do you think you could use the primrose bakery caramel butter-icing for the top?


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