I Want More...


Sorry I've had a little blogging break, I've been trying to get back into school/work/London life again and have been very busy doing the most obviously important job of the year - new diary/pencil case. Today was my first day back at school which I was really nervous about until I realised I only had one lesson so I might be over reacting just a little.

I'm so excited about going into 2012 with my blog but sometimes I get confused about what to do on here, so I've decided to make a poll (ooh fancy) so people can vote about what they want to see more of on Teen Granny. I'm totally just expecting me and my brothers to be the only ones who vote but if you do feel like voting I would love your opinion. And in case you've missed it the poll is just over to your left above my picture!

I also hope you enjoy the new gingham title bar. It has taken me 5 years to stop only thinking of gingham as my primary school uniform but I think I've finally got there!

Happy Thursday,

Love Scarly x


  1. Love the new banner, very sweet :)

  2. Loving the new look, I really need to give my blog a make over, I hate having a standard theme.

  3. I ticked to see more of everything ;o) it's a great blog as it is so keep it up ;o)


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