Get Set Bake!

Hello :) Okay, this is a really exciting post for me for a lot of reasons. 
1. It is all about this No-Bake Chocolate Fudge Cake Kit which has made literally the best cake I have ever tried in my life (and I've tried a LOT of cake)
2. The kit was made my one of my closest friends who has just started her own company (what! she's only 17!) 

The company is called Get Set Bake and was started by her and her sister. I've always known Annie was a great baker because she would always make cupcakes and other yummy things to bring into school and when I got sick she made me the most beautiful cupcakes ever! 

This is how Annie and her sister describe Get Set Bake

We’re two sisters who have a love of baking – and eating!  Since we were little, we have constantly kept our family munching on our various concoctions and experiments.  (Actually, when we were very little, much of what we came up with was pretty inedible!)  Our other two sisters, however, weren’t at all interested in what we were doing – they just enjoyed coming home to the smell of a rich chocolate cake baking in the oven, or a plate of warm oatflake and raisin cookies waiting for them on the table!

To even things out a bit, we started to put Baking Sets together.  That way, our sisters could make our cakes themselves, without the faff of buying the ingredients, wondering what size tin they needed, or having to follow a recipe.  Even our parents started to struggle to work out which sister had made which delicious tea-time treat!
Through word of mouth, we started to supply our Baking Sets to our friends and other members of the family.  Over time, our range has grown to include cupcakes, fruit cake, low-calorie and gluten-free products, as well as gorgeous party cake kits.  We’re happy to take orders for the finished article, for example we’ll often supply chocolate delicacies and cupcakes for weddings and parties (see our chocolate cherubs and chocolate toffee popcorn hearts!) but we’re also really keen to help everyone make their own.

Now, everyone knows I love to bake things myself but so as soon as I saw Annies website I just knew I HAD to order one. I ordered the no bake chocolate fudge cake because that is one of my favourite things to make and I wanted to see what the kit was like. And I was blown. away! Seriously! Not only is it the literally most incredible cake I have ever eaten, but the instructions, ingredients and package are all lovely!

It comes with chocolate buttons, marshmallows and maltesers and honeycomb as well as a very cute star shaped mould. 

All you need to supply is some cream. I do love to bake from my own recipes but this was so quick and easy to make and tasted incredible, compared to the hours I usually spend googling, shopping, preparing and greese-proof-paper-ing this was a very nice break! 

As well as the chocolate fudge cake kit, Get Set Bake has tons of other kits and Annie very sweetly sent me a cupcake kit which I can't wait to try out. I think that these kits would make the best presents for my friends who love baking and are bored of getting recipe book after recipe book. 

They would also be a great thing to do with kids and I'm pretty sure even my 10 year old brother would have known what to do!

Once the cake is done I put it in the freezer and then cut it up while we watched a movie. It was so yummy and whole cake has already gone! 

I know this is a new type of post for me to do but seriously check out Get Set Bake! I'm so proud of Annie and so excited to try out another one of her kits!

Happy Sunday!
Scarlett x


  1. Wow, that looks delicious & soooooo easy, definitely want to try it myself, thank you!!! Met you yesterday in the ski shop, am now completely in love with Posy!!!

  2. Had forgotten I had that weird user name!!! Aaah well!!


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