Koala Love...

Here is a picture of my little Koala. This is another pattern from the Itty Bitty Toys book and this one was really easy! its just two small knitted balls stitched together with little eyes and a nose stitched on. it was so much fun to make and i love the way it turned out. He also had an even smaller pink brother but he has been adopted by one of my friends...

I cant believe how nice everyone is being about this blog! I was so so terrified of making it and i have been trying to get the courage to for months now and i am so shocked and happy about all the tweets and comments i have been getting! it means so much to me (and the bunny's!). 

I am working on an old vintage dress tonight that i am adding a knitted waist-band and cuffs too. it sounds a bit strange but i think its going to look really nice! i will post pictures of it tomorrow. Night night knitters :) 

Love Scarlett 

Bunny Crazy.

These are some of my favourite things i have ever knitted! i decided to make the first one (the grey one) because my dad always loves (or at least says he does) the things that i make so i thought i would make him something really tiny that he could keep in his pocket. it was really simple to make (although the ears were super fiddly) and i was so happy with how it came out that i decided to make a whole family! the grey, pink and pale pale blue ones are all made of cashmere and i think the pink one is my favourite. they are the perfect little friend if your ever feeling sad or lonely and they look hilarious all lined up. Now i just have to name them!

Love Scarlett

Quote of the Day

"Those who are clever, who have a brain, never understand anything." - Whinnie the Pooh.

Princess and The Pea.

My Little Princess...

For Christmas my dad gave me a book he bought in America called 'Itty-Bitty Toys' by Susan B. Anderson. It is the best. book. ever. When he gave it to me i had absolutely no idea how to make toys but this book is so clear and nicely written that i picked it up in a few days and have been knitting toys every since. I have always been obsessed with princesses and Lauren Child's princess and the pea is my favourite kids book of all time so when i saw this pattern in the book i was so excited! it took ages but i think it turned out really well. she is only 7 inches tall and her body is all knitted in one piece. next up i have to make lots of little mattresses and a pea pod but i wanted to post a picture of her on her own first. 

Tell me what you think!

Love Scarlett 


Here Goes...

So, I have been wanting to start a blog for FOREVER but have always been way to scared to press publish. but finally, after having annoyed everyone who follows me on twitter by posting endless photos of the silly little things i knit and make i have decided to make a blog. The reason i called it the slightly strange name of teenage granny is because i love love love to knit, bake, read, I drink about a million cups of tea a day and all i want to do in life is watch 500 days of summer and Greys Anatomy - and I'm still only 15. Oh and i love Werthers Originals.

Anyway, i hope you like my blog, or at least like looking at some of my knitting creations. and please try to ignore my spelling!

Love Scarlett. 

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