3 DAYS TO GO - Posy's Stocking

One of the biggest things of my year has been my puppy Posy. Since getting her in June she has made me so happy that I couldn't not spoil her at Christmas :) I've bought her lots of little treats and toys but for her biggest present (which she wont care about AT ALL) I decided to make her a stocking!

I had no idea how easy and fun making a stocking would be. All I did was cut out 2 sock shapes, hem the top edges, sew a big P on one side and them sew them together. 

I have hung the stocking up on my (extremely messy) bunk bed and let's hope that Father Christmas remembers to fill it up. 

Posy got very bored while I was making it and decided to have a little nap. We are staying in the country for Christmas and you know how they always say don't buy a white jumper because you'll get it dirty, well the same applies for dogs. Posy is FILTHY! She keeps pawing at my legs wanting a cuddle but whenever I pick her up shes soaking wet and full of mud. 

I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas Eve Eve Eve.

Merry Christmas.
Scarlett and Posy. 

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