Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake... OH YES!

That's right, your eyes are not decieving you, your stoumach is not grumbling for no reason, this is a salted caramel chocolate cake! The reason I was able to take a picture of it and it was not gobbled up straight away is because I have baked it for my godfathers son's birthday which is tomorrow (how are we ever going to wait that long). His mum told me his favourite cake type was chocolate but I have baked enough chocolate cakes this year and decided to make this one a bit funner.

I googled 'salted caramel chocolate cakes' and found this one by Hannah Obee. However the recipe is described as being a sophisticated chocolate cake and I know that little kids hate nothing more than a 'sophisticated cake' (corgette cake I'm talking about you). I decided to use the caramel topping for the Hannah Obee recipe but use this BBC Food recipe for the cake and ganache. I added salt flakes to the ganache to make it tie in with the caramel. I'm pretty sure this was the best chocolate cake recipe I've found so far. It's really easy and lots of fun and very moist (ew I hate that word). 

If your wondering why I have made such a scrummy cake for my godfathers son it's because not only is he a very lovely boy but also him and his family gave me this BEAUTIFUL wool for Christmas! It's god tiny crocheted flowers and bits of tinsel sewed into it! I'm so excited about making something with it, maybe a laptop or phone case? 

The whole baking experience was made even better by the fact that Sophie Hannahs 'A Room Swept White' has come onto audiobook! YAAAAAAAAY! I listened to it while was baking and I already love it. 

Being the overkeen baker that I am I actually took a video of the caramel boiling because I thought it looked so beautiful! 

I hope everyone is having a lovely 2nd day of Christmas!

Love Scarlett


  1. cake looks yummy!!! I love salted caramel. well done you.

  2. Oh how yummy! I can't believe I have yet to try salted caramel...that may be tomorrow's project!

  3. Looks great and I LOL'd when you said you hate the word moist! Too funny!

  4. That cake looks SO yummy. Btw, you have a really fun blog. :D


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