Sponsor Teen Granny in January 2012!

As December comes to an end (sob), I also have to say goodbye to my lovely sponsors this month. December was my first month with sponsors and not only was it fun but it also introduced me to 3 blogs I had never seen before and am now a regular reader of. 

If you run a blog or a business and would like your button (advert) to appear permanantly on Teen Granny for the whole of January you can purchase a space for just £10 a month. As well as having your button up for the whole month I will also do a special blog post dedicated to my sponsors. Advertising on Teen Granny is a great way to get new, fun people reading your blog and I would love to have you on my page!

185x140 pixel size ad
1 Month (December) = £10
Your ad will be displayed at the top of the right sidebar
I will also do a whole post dedicated to my sponsors!

If you are interested please email and I will tell you the easy details of how to sponsor me. 

January is going to be a great month for Teen Granny as I'm going to be doing lots of craft to get over the fact that Christmas is over! I was also given my very own pink sewing machine for Christmas so there will be lots of posts on my attempts into the sewing world. 

Happy 3rd day of Christmas.

Love Scarlett.


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  1. A pink sewing machine that sounds so cool I can't wait to see pictures of your crafty creations. I loved sponsoring you over December and I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog also. I'm always checking yours for inspirational updates. I'm having a go at some knitted paper chains for next year - I was a bit late with it this year, never mind. I got my dream computer for Christmas and picked it up today. Mac Mini!! my Macbook of 7 years needed upgrading desperately I'm so happy with my new shiny box it's not pink.. but shiny will do for me.

    Have a happy new years and January!!


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