6 DAYS TO GO - Twit-Knit Club Christmas Pattern

Gah okay so it's 1:30am which means it's technically tomorrow and there's only 5 days to go till Christmas but for the sake of stretching out this blog I'm gonna say there's still 6 days. 

This isn't really a proper pattern because it's so easy but even so here is my pattern for my very own Knitted Paper Chains! 

I made these a few days ago because I love knitting things that should be fragile but then you can knit them and make them last forever! So far I've made 2 and I'm going to try and make a lot more before Christmas. It's a really fun and easy project for even the most begginer of knitters and crocheters and if you like it please tell me.

I have written up the patterns for both knitting and crochet.

Ok so here's the pattern:

1. Chain 30.
2. Single Crochet 3 rows, cast off.
3. Make as many of these as you need for your paper chain.

1. Cast on 4 stitches.
2. Knit until your strip measures roughly 15 - 20cm, cast off.
3. Make as many of these as you need for your paper chain.

Once you have made the right amount (I made 10 for each paper chain), sew your paperchain up by sewing one into a circle and then linking them up and joining the ends together. I don't really know how to word this but it seems pretty self explanatory if you look at the picture! Just leave a comment if you have any questions.

Merry Christmas,
Love Scarlett.


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  2. Oh I love this! And it could be perfect for Jasmine as she's worried about anything too complcated! Thank you - I will show her in the am :-)

  3. these are so cute, and I always get sad when my paperchains are torn down/destroyed in some crazy frenzy, so I think I will have to try these :) A great idea as always!


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