A Merry Christmas Quilt

Ah! You have NO idea how hard it has been not to talk about this before! But I am so proud (a bit too proud actually) to finally be able to do a post of my quilt! I have been making this quilt for what feels like forever (but was probably actually a few months) to give to my mum and dad for Christmas. I wanted to blog about it so many times but due to the fact that my mum and dad are regular Teen Granny readers I thought it was best to keep it secret. 

The whole quilt making process began all because of the amazing person that is Cherry Menlove! Her blog is my absolute favourite and I was lucky enough to get to meet her a few months ago when she came over to talk to my mum. To my huge surprise she then sent me a box of the most amazing fabrics you have ever seen in your life and that was when I decided it was finally time to make my quilt. 

I used Cherry's How to Make a Patchwork Quilt Tutorial which is completely brilliant and useful and has tons of pictures. To say it was an easy process would be a bit of a lie but it was definitely not as hard as I thought. There are lots of steps so I made sure to just do a little every day instead of rushing it all and getting too frustrated. I picked a Cath Kidston spotty blue backing fabric which I love and used a very nice thick wadding on the inside. 

My mum and dad loved it which was in the end the whole point and I'm so proud of it I sometimes just go upstairs to look at it and give myself a little pat on the back. On the day when I finished it I was so happy I just lay down on top of it on the floor for about half an hour. 

As you might suspect Posy is a big fan of the quilt as well. I had to keep chucking her out of my room whenever I was working on it as she would try to chase the ends so I think she sees it as her rival for my attention. 

We had the most wonderful, lovely Christmas EVER! (although I'm sure everyone elses Christmases were just as lovely). We spend Christmas every year with a huge group of our friends so there were 30 of us around the Christmas Lunch Table. I wore a huge purple tutu all day and as you might be able to tell from these pictures I got a new camera which I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

I've been snapping away on it all day and took this picture of our Christmas tree and this one of a very grumpy looking Posy. My favourite bit of the day was that whenever the dog came onto the screen in Downton, Posy would run around the house barking and trying to find the beautiful white dog to play with... she never found him. 

I was also given the big responsibility of making our Christmas Cake! I made Nigellas Chocolate Christmas Cake and used an ice cream cone covered in icing to make the tree on top!

I hope everyone had an amazing christmas too and that Boxing Day is going well so far! 

Lots of Love Scarlett. xx

p.s. I set Cherry a little snowman to say thank you and to my delight she put it on her blog!! YAY!


  1. Lovely quilt and a beautiful keepsake. I also made my first quilt this year for my daughter for christmas. Such lovely gifts to give. Well done.

  2. The quilt you made is absolutely beautiful, well done you! My 10 year daughter has just started doing some patchwork....I may have to show her your photos and drop some hints!!

    Happy New Year :)

  3. I love Cherry's blog! And as a new follower, I love yours also, great job on the quilt and the cake chick x


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