7 DAYS TO GO - Twit-Knit Club Update!

Well, I think it's safe to say that Christmas Twit-Knit has so far been a HAYUGE success. Yup it's actually been such a big success I had to add 2 whole new letters to the word huge. It appears Christmas and Knitting go as well together as Mince Pies and Mulled Wine and every time I get a new picture of what everyone has been making I want to immediatly stop what I'm knitting and copy them! 

To mark Twit-Knit Club Christmas as a big moment I have actually come up with my very own pattern! It's very very simple and silly and easy but quite exciting. To try to stretch out my Advent Calendar I have decided to keep it secret for now and post it tomorrow. For now let's take a look at the AMAZING knitting everyones been doing!

I made this little santa which now lives permanantly on my desk to spur me on during Christmas Craft!

@addiebabe made these beautiful knitted Christmas cards! It's such a creative idea, I really want to try some. 

@bakebakegirl made this ADORABLE Robin! It's face is so amazing.

@goldenblades91 made all these incredible tiny jumpers. Except at the moment they seem to spell MERIRMHR. 

@JennyJHoward made these beautiful white bells.

this is @kateeroberts cat all snuggled up with her tiny stocking. 

@louisefcampbell made the cutest little mummy and baby Robins. 

@Mhairigirl made the most amazing knitted Christmas Pud. I can't believe how cute this is!

@ohdeerlette made these tiny and brilliant christmas toys. 

@threadznshreds made these sweet little robins.

and @vikki_butlin made these incredible penguin decoration!

I hope everyones been having as much fun with this as I have and that it's helping make everyone feel more Christmassy! If I've forgotten to post a picture you've sent me please just tweet me and I will add it immediatly.

Merry Christmas,
Love Scarlett. 


  1. that santa is so cute. I've asked for crotchet lessons for xmas so hopefully by next year i'll be able to make something like that.

  2. What a talented bunch of crocheters and knitters we all are! I loved looking at all these cute projects, thanks.


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