19 DAYS TO GO - Polaroid Christmas Ornament

Big confession! We actually put our tree up in November. Which is super early. But super fun. I found this cute D.I.Y on this amazing blog Katie Cupcake and decided to make some for my fam. You already know I love Polaroid’s so I love these! I’m not very good on my sewing machine yet so the sewing’s a little dodgy but hopefully I pulled them off. There are also some photos of us putting up our tree and my favorite decorations we have. You never think about your Christmas decorations throughout the year (because that would be a very strange thing to think about) but I love it when you get them all out in December and you suddenly remember them all!! 

I made this little angel last year and now it has joined our old regular like the fat angels!

Posy was super confused when we were decorating and she had no idea what was going on, but she wore her awesome new Christmas outfit, which was very exciting!

This was the tree pre-decoration! It's HUGE!

My mum made cheesy bacon sticks while we were decorating :D 

We are into the teens of days till Christmas now!! Which is REALLY EXCITING.

Happy December.

Love Scarlett.


  1. dear teen granny. you are amazing, wonderful, funny, clever, odd, lovely, loving and fabulous. that is all.

  2. I love that too! When you rediscover decorations that you'd forgotten about. Usually in a far flung corner of the loft! Cherry x

  3. Such a cute posy :D
    I dress Ellie up to but mum says it's just not natural lol but it is very cute. I feel the same about Christmas and decorations. We got our tree on Wednesday and we're going to decorate it tonight so looking forward to that. Ellie got very confused last year so I'm hoping she's better prepared this year. :D

    Merry Christmas


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