23 DAYS TO GO - D.I.Y. Friendship Cards

Papercraft has never really been my thing, I much prefer making objects, but once Christmas comes along you simply can't avoid making a few Christmas cards. I decided to get started early and was looking around my bedroom and found a whole box of Friendship Bracelets I forgot all about. 

These cards are super simple to make and although they look pretty plain the friendship bracelet makes all the difference. All you need is a blank card, a hole punch and a friendship bracelet. I make my friendship bracelets by plaiting three bits of difference coloured yarns together but everyone makes them differently.

To make these cards just punch two holes in either side of your card and string your bracelet through the holes, then decorate the cards however you like. I made my friendship bracelets go through the front and back of the cards so my friends have to take the bracelet out and put it on before they can read the message inside.

I always find cards a little dissapointing as they usually end up in the bin so this is a great way of making a card that will last longer than Christmas and will show your friends just how much you love them. 

I hope everyone is relishing the Christmas Spirit, I think I may have gone a bit over the top yesterday. Me and my family watched Elf and then I decorated my room with 5 sets of fairy lights and 10 paper chains!!


Love Scarlett 

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