14 DAYS TO GO - Mug Cosy

You know that point in your Chocolate Advent Calendar when you get really hungry and eat the next 5 days chocolates in one helping and then feel very sad and mournful for the rest of the week? Well I'm afraid that moment has come on the Teen Granny Advent Calendar. I apologise greatly for not having kept up with it but half way through my many Christmas crafts I realised I had coursework and christmas presents to deal with so now might not be the best time to be up at 3 in the morning making snowmen. But I am back! And although I may not be as regular as I was at the beginning I shall still be doing a countdown to the wonderful miracle that is Christmas. 

Todays post is about... MUG COSYS! 

(Check out the Christmas Pyjamas) 

Mug Cosys are the most brilliant things for many a reason:
- they keep your tea warm
- they make sure your hands don't get burnt (you need those hands for knitting and unwrapping presents)
- they look lovely
- instead of having to wait for your favourite mug to come out of the machine, you can just slip your cosy off and on and make every mug your favourite mug!

I've been making LOADS of these recently and once again, if your  a realation of a friend of mine PLEASE FORGET YOU EVER READ THIS! 

I found the crochet pattern here on ravelry but used a snazzy velvet button instead of a wooden one. 

I hope you like my mug cosys and are feeling very festive this lovely Sunday. 

May your tea forever stay cosy!
Love Scarlett. 

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