13 DAYS TO GO - Yummy Scrummy Caramels

Ok I've probably said this before about recipes but this time I'm SERIOUS! This. is. the. best. recipe. ever. The recipe by Jamie Cooks It up! is for Rich and Buttery Caramels and you can find it HERE.  They are the single most delicious things ever invented and the easiest recipe!

Every year I make fudge but I always use condensed milk which means I don't need a sugar thermometer. The recipe for these just looked too yummy to resist so I decided to overcome my fears and try it! But it turned out it didn't even need a thermometer anyway! Jamie has a brilliant tip to work out when the caramels are ready and it worked perfectly. 

If you've ever been to Melt the chocolate shop, these buttery deliciousnesses (new word) taste almost exactly the same as there wrapped caramels and my little brother even said they were better (proudest moment of life)


I made them last night while watching X Factor and although the recipe is very quick it does take a while to cut them up and wrap them so Little Mix was a great distraction. Using a tip from Jamie I used a pizza cutter AND scissors to cut them into chunks and this was probably the hardest bit. But still not very hard!

These will make the best present for ANYONE and I would reccomend you make them now! 

Love Scarlett. 


  1. Hi, just started reading your blog and love it! I'm quite a bit older but you have inspired me to start knitting again (and try and rectify bad habits so that I'm actually proud of the end result) and my table is currently covered in little Christmas stockings and mini jumpers with letters on spelling Happy Christmas to make a garland.

    This looks a good recipie and perfect for gifts. Where did you get corn syrup from?

    Good luck with the rest of your advent flogging:)

  2. Hey! I am with Cheeky...older. ;-) Your blog is great. I wish I had been so industrious when I was your age!! This is a great recipe and I'm going to try it out tonight. We have a cookie swap at work tomorrow. I was going to make my gma's shortbread but I'm doing these instead :-) Your blog is fantastic! I read your brother's also and made a comment! Too wonderful!!


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