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Okay, so, incase you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty excited about the Oscars. Actually, I’m CRAZY excited about the Oscars. I completely and totally love all award ceremony’s ever and it’s become a bit of a tradition in our house that I stay up and watch them (bring on the coffee) while everyone else goes to sleep and then I leave little post its on everyone’s bedroom doors saying who won. It’s pretty fun!

Although my aim this year was to watch all of the Oscar films I’m ashamed to stay I’m still a few behind and although I would love to watch 8 films before tonight I’ve got a feeling it ain’t gonna happen. As you know from previous post’s I have never seen a film I haven’t liked but despite that I do still like some films more than others, I love all the films that are nominated but I did like 5 (and it took a while to narrow it down to 5) a lot more than the others. So if I ran the Oscars, (which I totally am going to do one day) here are my five films of the year.


OK so I only watched this film last night and totally didn't think it was going to make the list but OHMYGOD it's basically top of the list. It's just just an amazing, moving, beautiful, interesting, wonderful movie and to say I cried would be a huge understatement. I have a bit of a 'thing' about acceptance. It's a big subject in life and I've had to accept a lot of things that I would have rather not to have happened over the past few years. Last year I read the book 'Never Let Me Go' which is still to this day the book in this world I've been most moved by. It helped me accept things that I never thought I would and made sense of so many things I didn't understand. This movie did exactly the same thing. It's all about finding a way to deal with life when something happens to you that you can't control and the different ways that everyone can do that. It's EXTREMELY good and INCREDIBLY amazing so I recommend you go see it. 


At first I didn’t put Like Crazy on here because I saw it ages ago and it doesn’t feel like it came out this year. I know I’ve described most of the films on this list as ‘beautiful’ but literally nothing (not even Kate Moss) could look beautiful when compared to Like Crazy. If you haven’t seen it yet it is one of the most amazing movies you will ever see! It’s almost completely improvised and it’s a love story. It’s hard to describe so I’m not even going to try I’m just going to say that I loved it. 


I can’t be sure of many things in my life but one thing I am 100% sure of is that never again in my life will I ever cry at another film as much as I cried at War Horse. I’d been told by everyone to watch out and to bring tissues because it was going to make me cry so I came prepared. I began crying at the first charge (the one where Tom Hiddleston dies) and once that was over I felt like I knew what everyone was talking about and that the crying was over. Cut to the end of the film when I am literally a puddle on the floor of the cinema. I was crying so much I had to pretend I was crying about something else and run home. I find that sometimes you will watch a film that gets to you and moves you so much that when you leave you feel like everything in the world is a little bit different. I had it with 127 hours last year and I had it with War Horse this year and to me that’s the best thing a movie can make you feel. 


I think out of all the films on this list this is my best movie of the year. Cameron Crowe is probably one of my favourite directors ever ever ever. Almost Famous is in my top 5 best films of all time and Jerry Maguire is probably in my top 15. So it wasn’t much of a surprise to me when I absoulutly loved this film. I thought it was so well put together and the story was so beautiful and I would say I cried from start to finish. I obviously loved the animals and just thought of Posy the whole way through and I thought Elle Fanning was wonderful as well. I honestly can’t believe this film isn’t up for an Oscar, it was my favourite film of the year and I think it should have been everyones. 


I seriously, seriously LOVED this film. I watched it twice in two days, one time on my own and then one time with my family. It was really interesting watching it like this as the first time I watched it (on my own) my mind was just blown. I thought it was funny, moving, seriously interestingly made and with some really incredible performances. I also LOVED all the tiny details, the fact that the movie opens on her in bed watching the Kardashian’s was like my favourite thing ever. Charlize) so this one definitely get’s an Oscar from me! 

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P.S. My dad found this video online of Steven Spielberg watching the announcements for the 1976 Oscar nominations the year he made Jaws. It's INCREDIBLE!


  1. I really want to watch 'Like Crazy'-it looks like 'my kind of movie'.
    Love your list on Hello Giggles. I think the Academy Award writers should hire you- that way I wouldn't fall asleep watching the Oscars anymore... :)

  2. you should read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close---the book's even better than the movie

  3. It's just like what happened to harry potter!


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