Feb Photo-a-Day Monday Update

Okay so I haven't been completely perfect with the photo-a-day challenge so far and as you can see I've missed a few days! But here are all the photos from the last two weeks, I hope you like them!

Day Six: Dinner: My fondant fancies were more 'after dinner' than 'dinner' but they were just so much prettier than dinner itself.

Day Seven: Button: Cute as a...

Day Ten: Self Portrait: Me before my fringe.

Day Eleven: Makes Me Happy: Surprise, surprise, it's knitting.

Day Twelve: Inside Your Closet: One of my four (!) tutus.

Day Thirteen: Blue: Chipped blue nail polish on my disgusting nails.

Day Fourteen: Heart: Karen, who was looking after Posy while we were away sent me this photo of Posy on Valentines Day!

Day Fifteen: Phone: Me and my phone have matching teddy ears (I didn't take these off our whole holiday, coz I'm just that mature)

Day Sixteen: Something New: Fresh snow!

Day Nineteen: Something You Hate To Do: Un-pack! But Posy likes it...

To read about the challenge and join in click here.

To read my first update click here.

In a slightly different kind of update, Knit-Relief has got off to an AWESOME start! Amazing people are already donating all kinds of things and I'm so excited by how lovely people have been. I'm also almost too excited to say that famed knitter Lauren O'Farrell (@deadlyknitshade) has written a post all about Knit Relief on crafty crafty! You can read it here. It was so kind of her and will hopefully help to get loads more people involved! 

Happy Monday (if that's possible)

Love Scarlett x


  1. Hey :) I always try and do these things but just like you, there is always the odd day I miss just because nothing exciting happened and I forgot but then I feel so guilty haha! Been reading your blog for a while btw, as I check it every few days and I wish my blog was as awesome as yours :)

    1. Hey, thanks for being so lovely about my blog. I just checked your's out and I love it! Whenever I mess up on something like this I want to give it all up but I think you just have to accept you are always going to have a boring day!

  2. Some days are just bedroom days where all you see is your messy bed and your dog :P and even if you think your dog is the cutest (tho Posy is pretty cute), not everyone wants to be continually spammed haha! I swear - most of my daily photos are just of my dogs!

    p.s. i really want to knit now - but I'm an avid cross-stitcher so far :)


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