Fondant Fancies

As long as I can remember Mr Kipling fondant fancies have been basically my favourite food ever. You know those ones that come in little packs with the dollop of icing under the top and are basically just super duper yummy. Well I thought valentines day was the perfect time to try out this BBC food recipe and make some! 

The recipe begins by baking a simple square vanilla cake which is always my fave thing to bake and the one included in the recipe is a really great one. Then you slice the cake in half  ready to ice. 

Okay this was the bit where I cheated a bit! You are meant to use sugar syrup, jam and HOMEMADE buttercream in the middle but seeing as how it was a bit of a late night bake (I find I work better at 2am) and we had a whole tub of super yummy betty crocker in the fridge I thought I would cut at least one corner. After icing the centre you coat the top of the cake in marzipan. 


You then have to slice the cake up into lines and then into squares. I was tempted just to improvise but I really wanted these to come out perfect so I used a ruler to make sure all the squares were the same. 

Then I made the icing which was of course my favourite part! I searched and searched and finally found some fondant icing sugar so I used the whole pack and then split it into three and died one pink, one lilac and one blue. 

I used the iron cooling wrack to ice and placed the cakes on top of it then simply poured the icing over the cake. It all drains through the wrack so you get a perfect finish. I topped the cakes off with litte decorations and then put them in the fridge to chill. 

As you can see this was a pretty high maintenance bake and had loads of steps. But in the end none of the steps were too hard and I'm so so glad I made the effort!

Happy Friday! 
Love Scarlett. 


  1. Oh they're wonderful (and much as I am a fan of the French/Fondant fancy yours are more chic). Did you make the little roses too? They've perked my Friday up no end. I'd swap the tiny silver blossom I just made for one. Deal?

  2. How did they taste? They look GORGEOUS! x

  3. AMAZING! I love the colour that the blue-ish ones turned out to be, sort of a violet colour. hope they tasted as good as they looked.

  4. Am here via did you make that and am very impressed with your baking and that fact that you were able to find a ruler at 2am! These are my favourite cakes - my siblings and I used to fight over the Mr Kipling pink Fondant Fancies which used to be called 'French Fancies'!

  5. these are so pretty! i'm going to make some too.

  6. I've wandered over here on the recommendation of Emma Silverpebble and am enjoying reading about your adventures (and having a think about Knit Relief) but I simply HAD to comment on your of fondant fancies - these are amazing! I've been baking for a long time and I have always been too scared to try these but I can see I might have to give it a go now ...


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