Knit Relief Update

Hello! I have literally been blown away by all the lovely responses to Knit Relief! Everyone has been so kind and generous so far and we already have more wonderful things than I ever imagined we would get! In fact I'm going to have to stop myself from bidding on every single one of them because they are all so amazing.

It's not too late to submit something so if you have something knitted, sewn or handmade that you would like to put up for auction in our Knit Relief Ebay stall (launching on March 15th) please just email me - - and we would be so happy to have you! To read all the information about it please click here.

I'm so thankful for everything entered so far and here is an update of the amazing things we have going into the auction at the moment:

- Two personalised knitted figures by me :)

- This absolutely BEAUTIFUL handmade silver knitting needle necklace, made by Silver Pebble jewelry designer Emma Mitchell

- A hand-made apron from Queen of craft blogging Cherry Menlove herself!

- A pair of socks knitted in your favourite colour from Twit-Knit Club member Emma Pooley (@goldenblades)

- And a hand knitted raincloud from Emma Pooley (@goldenblades)

- Two beautiful little Jellyfish in the winners chosen colour from Alyssa Crittenden

- Two amazing Octopus in the winners chosen colour from Alyssa Crittenden

- Two adorable little knitted monsters from Kae (@MonsterMaker_x)

- This incredible Knitted Little My from queen of knitting Lauren O'Farrell (@deadlyknitshade)

- A beautiful bag from Mhairi Gillespie (@mhairigirl) - picture from pattern not her completed bag.

- Some awesome Tardis socks from Anna Richardson.

- 2 adorable octopus from Catriona Daynes

- Two awesome Meercat couples from Addie Beckwith (@addiebabe)

- A far too cute knitted milk bottle from Barbara Read (@bakebakegirl)

- An adorable knitted Miffy from Sanne Kuijper

- An awesome sewn Catzilla from Sanne Kujiper

- Some beautiful crocheted birds from Tanya (@threadsnshreds)

- A beautiful hand-sewn cushion from Joanne Worthington (@jobo501)

- A gorgeous Anthro-inspired scarflet (like the purple one) knitted by the amazing Karen Ball from did you make that, in this lovely pink wool. 

- The sweetest little vest knitted for a 9-12 month old by Vikki Butlins' grandma!

- This awesome tea cosy knitted by Vikki Butlin herself! (picture of pattern not real thing, but her's will be even better!)

See something you want to bid on? I thought so! I've already got my eye on about 10 things! I may just have to keep them all for myself. This is by no means the end of the donations so if you still want to donate something no matter how big or small please email me! Keep tweeting and keep spreading the word, I'm so so excited!

Lots of Love, Scarlett xx


  1. Hello Scarlet and thanks for your lovely blog. I was directed here from Silver pebbles blog and think knit relief is a fantastic idea and would love to take part. I will e-mail you with details.

  2. These all look so awesome! I definitely want to bid on them. Can I offer a cross-stitching project for Knit-Relief? I know it isn't knitting but still crafty :)

  3. Oh my stars and eyes. Tardis socks! I married a nerd. I WILL be bidding on those.

  4. How on earth could I resist a brightly coloured octopus with curly legs? Fabulous!

  5. I love the cloud. You are a very impressive young woman. I'll be following the auction. I wish you so much success.


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