The Click on This List - Video Special

So, as I was assembling my click on this list for this week (that's basically just my excuse for browsing the internet all day) I realised that I've found LOADS of what I think are very funny youtube videos recently and I actually had enough to do a whole post on just them! Suprisingly I actually have a deep routed hatred of youtube videos! It's not that I actually hate youtube videos, I mean who could hate videos of laughing babies, it's that I hate when you're with someone and there suddenly like 'oh dude I have to show you this video' and then everyone crams round a computer to watch it and the second it ends everyone else goes 'dude I HAVE to show you this video' and it goes on and on and literally doesn't stop till someone orders a pizza (you may be able to tell from this that I have three younger brothers!)

Anyway! Stop my rambling and here are the videos to enjoy in the privacy of your own home, when your alone, and not with me!

1. Follow The TV Reference. 

2. Lana Del Rey - Hunger Games Parody

3. Harry Potter Cast Having Fun on Set

4. Funny or Die - Kristen Bell's Body of Lies

5. Erin Foster is the Worst Babysitter Ever.

6. Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn Music Video. 

I think we can all agree that was a half an hour truly well spent!

Love Scarlett. 

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