The Click on This List

1. These incredible mock movie posters from the Shiznit. 

2. This Music Video.

3. The Bridesmaids DVD Commentary - I finally got round to watching this last weekend and oh my god it's SO funny. Dare I say it even maybe as funny as the actual film! It's with most of the cast, the writer and the director and they taped it days before it came out so no one has any idea if it will be a hit or not! It's seriously good. 

4. The Dresses at the SAG awards.

5. PUPCAKES! - I'm thinking Posy's birthday?

6. This Old Fashioned Twitter Poster. 

7. This Photo - One of Zooey Deschanel's Twitter followers found this in a Life magazine from 1965! The resemblance is incredible. I wish I had a 60s doppelganger. 

8. This way of eating carrots and humous. 

9. The Kristen Bell Sloth Video - This is literally my favouritest thing of all time ever ever ever in my whole life.

Happy Clicking,
Love Scarlett


  1. This list makes me so happy! I LOVED the movie posters, can't wait now to check out the Bridesmaids commentary and how HOT does Emma Stone look at the SAGs? Those shoes!!

    OMG I just watched the Kristen Bell/Ellen video and I just cried a little with laughter! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. oh my god I know she looks amazing! I love her so much! I cried too! With a mixture of laughter and cuteness. shes so sweet.


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