Twit-Knit Club Valentines Update

I thought I would start this update with some old pictures of a present I made for my mum to give to her best friend. I found a tutorial for a crocheted envelope one day while browsing (scroll down for link) and decided to have a go at knitting one!

It turned out pretty well and I'm thinking of making some more for V-day to put little notes in side of! For this one I crocheted a little heart to put inside. 

Twit-Knit Valentines is going very well so far! Knitting and love go so well together (especially if you love knitting) and it's been so fun looking at everyones creations. For this post I've put a few links to some more ideas for what you could knit or crochet and I've got some pictures of what everyone's been making so far... ENJOY! 

Some Inspirational D.I.Y.s. 

You can make one yourself with this easy little tutorial for a crocheted envelope. I made mine by knitting a square instead of crocheting and it was just as easy and effective! 

Or you could have a go at these beautiful crocheted frames! If you are planning to give someone a present you could try sticking your favourite photo of them in the middle! I definitely want to give these a go. 

And Finally... and most importantly... here is what Twit-Knit Club has been up to so far. 

@addiebabe made these super cute little crochet hearts! I need to give these a try. 

@mhairigirl made this beautiful pink and purple hearts chain! 

@kateeroberts made this super SUPER cute red heart with a button on the front.

I'm still in shock from @louisefcampbell beautiful chain of hanging hearts. I would kill to make one of these. 

@vicksG didn't have the time to make anything so she submitted this very pretty picture of a heart shaped window. 

It seems chains of hearts are very popular at the moment. These lovely ones are made by @vikki_butlin.

and possibly most AMAZING of all @addiebabe has actually knitted the I Love U sign! I'm in such shock I can't believe how beautiful it is! And I love the non-traditional colours as well. But if you know her boyfriend keep it quiet because she has had to knit it in secret!

I'm so proud of everyones work and remember to keep on knitting and tweeting your progress!

Happy Valentines Month.

Love Scarlett x 

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