Heat Magazine and The Oscars.


We are back from Miami where me and my mum and my brother had THE MOST AMAZING five day holiday of all time. Even Mr Elephant got a tan. After 15 years of religious american TV watching it felt like I had come home and between shopping and lying on the beach it was the best holiday ever.

I did try to knit on the beach but got A LOT of strange looks so I have fallen behind on my knitting but tonight i plan to go knitting crazy while staying up to watch the oscars. I have seen pretty much every single film nominated tonight so I literally couldnt be more excited and just for fun I have decided to do my version of who I think should win.

Best Film:
127 Hours

Best Actor:
James Franco tied with (your allowed that in my Oscars) Colin Firth

Best Actress:
Natalie Portman

Best Supporting Actor:
Andrew Garfield

Best Supporting Actress:
Amy Adams

Best Animated Film:

Best Director:
Danny Boyle

Best Original Screenplay:
Another Year

Best Adapted Screenplay:
Never Let Me Go tied with The Social Network

Best Comedy (they have that catogary in my Oscars):

Lets hope all the ones i love win (apart from the ones that are not exactly nominated) and if you are also staying up PLEASE tweet me because i am going to be so bored.

and finally the most exciting news of all time, ever, in the history of the world, in the universe, with knobs on...


page 37.. THE BARBIE CAKE!!!!!

It was our last day in Miami and i got a text from my friend and SCREAMED!!! This is literally the most exciting moment in my life. I will never need anything again.

if you didnt see it go and buy a copy because it is so exciting!!!

Good Luck if your staying up for the oscars!

Love Scarlett


  1. Hi Scarly,
    Just to say I love your blog, you are a credit to your family and I can only hope my girls grow up like you! Enjoy the Oscars xx

  2. Glad you had a lovely holiday, and being in Heat, how cool is that. Can't wait to see your latest project.

  3. i saw it in heat!! so cool! congratulatiooons xxxx

  4. Well done for being in Heat!! I was very impressed with your cake. I am also totally in love with your elephant and wondered if you have any plans to share your pattern....?


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