February Photo-a-Day Sunday Update

So technically I've only been doing the Feb Photo a Day challenge since Wednesday but I want to get into the habit of doing an update every Sunday so here is my first one! I'm enjoying so much and it's such a good opportunity to look at things differently and take a few photos. I'm having to resist making every single one of Posy though! It's pretty hard...

Day One: Your View Today: The beautiful church outside my window.

Day Two: Words: The first page of Pride and Prejudice which I just finished and loved more than I could imagine!

Day Three: Hands: My new rings on my crazily long fingers. 

Day Four: Stranger: A picture of a stranger walking in the snow! (confession! this isn't ACTUALLY a stranger it's my dad but seeing as how you can't see his face I think it's okay)

Day Five: 10am: Our snowy garden.

Happy (or not so happy) Sunday.
Love Scarlett. 

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely part of the earth you live in! And, yes, you can qualify your Dad as "stranger" when he is merely a dark silhouette on a snowy road. (Many teenagers think their dads are strange.) Found your blog through Miz Karen of Didyoumakethat. Your enthusiasm for life is infectious, and I have enjoyed reading your recent posts. Grace and peace to you, from Pleasant Garden, North Carolina, USA.


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