A Knit-Relief Surprise...

Hey Guys, I have some super exciting news about Knit-Relief that I thought was just too special to put on the last post. Brilliant tweeter and blogger Cornelia (@canzonett) has donated something awesome for Knit Relief. She has sent over all these beautiful little hand painted bird beads for the Knit Relief Auction. 

I'm so obsessed with these birds, they are just amazing. They are going to make the cutest, most beautiful little necklaces and here is the biggest surprise:

* Every person who wins the Knit Relief auction will not only get the thing they bid in but they will also win two of these BEAUTIFUL little birds tied onto ribbons* 

Pretty exciting huh?!

There are two types of birds, These cute little owls;

And these awesome little ravens: 

They are going to make the best little necklaces and I think I'm going to have to bid on something myself just so I can justify keeping some! It was so kind of Cornelia to post these all the way from Germany and I think they are going to make a lovely addition to Knit Relief and make people want to bid on things even more!

Happy Thursday! Love Scarlett xx


  1. Fantastic. I can't wait to bid, but will be away on my holidays on the 15th. There's a possibility I may be able to get computer access though. Can you tell me how I can bid/enter?

  2. Your blog is my best new find! I found it through HelloGiggles (SUPER JEALOUS that you're contributing to that website as it is my utter fav) and you're hysterical and I love your blog haha x

  3. That is a lot of birdy goodness. You have a whole parliament of beady owls. They're ace.


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