Lego Mini-Figure Cake

It's no secret that I love lego. Like seriously, I LOVE lego. Believe it or not my love of lego was actually what led to my love of craft. I guess if I hadn't discovered craft this blog would be called 'Teen Toddler' instead of 'Teen Granny.' 

Anyway, back to the point, a few weeks ago a friend of my mums asked me if I would make a birthday cake for her sons party and suggested I make one in the shape of a lego mini-figure as he loves lego (I mean come on, who doesn't). Well, I love a good challenge so of course I said yes and two days before it was due I got to work. There were SO MANY stages in the making of this cake so I'm going to take you through them one by one because I think you would like that, if you aren't interested you can just look at the pictures! 

Baking the Cake: They wanted the cake inside to be chocolate which I knew was going to be tricky because all the best chocolate cakes are very moist but when your making a shaped cake you need the cake to be fairly tough to support all the icing. After much deliberation my Mum suggested I try a chocolate pound cake so I found this recipe online. I was expecting the cake to be fairly dry and not very nice but in fact it was amazing! Seriously tasty and moist but still strong enough to hold the many layers of icing. 

Shaping the Cake: This bit was tricky to say the least! I decided that when it comes to baking you can't be to much of a perfectionist so I very geekily measured all the different parts of the Lego mini figure and then made big paper templates with the same ratio. It probably didn't make too much difference but it made me feel more secure when I cut out all the pieces. 

Icing the Cake: As you can see from the picture I iced seven separate pieces of the cake. The head, the body, the arms, the waist and both the legs. I bought all the icing pre-died from the Jane Asher cook shop (which is uh-mazing) and this made it much easier as I hate dying icing. The hands I made by just rolling the yellow icing into tubes and bending them to make them look like hands. Then I drew the face on with black cake pen. 

Chocolate Lego Bricks: This bit was one of my favourite bits of the whole cake. I ordered a lego ice cube mould from ebay which I knew would work for chocolate as well and then simply filled it up with green candy melts. It was so easy and so effective and added a really nice finishing touch. 

I hope you like my cake, if you have any more questions about how I made it please just leave a comment and have a lovely Tuesday.

Love Scarlett 


  1. This is Amazing! Well done! You should be proud! Rolled icing is THE BEST! xx

  2. You clever thing, it's brilliant - and I LOVE the idea of the green lego bricks. Now, how about instructions for a Harry Potter lego cake? (Ducking and running away).

  3. what an amazing cake! I love the chocolate lego bricks, inspired thinking.

  4. Very well done. I bet the recipient was delighted!

  5. Good grief. That's one of the best cakes I've ever seen! The lego bricks are inspired. I bet the little ones loved it and the mums and dads were in awe.

  6. You are a simply incredable cake maker! I love the cake, it looks incredable!

  7. The lego cake looked amazing!! I think i am going to try it out for my brothers birthday!! he would love it!! xxx

  8. I can confirm, as the lucky mum who commissioned the cake, that it tasted as good as it looked. My son was AMAZED and thrilled, and his friends were in awe. The only bad bit was how many six year old boys were keen to see my cut off the head, so they could eat it. We didn't think that part through....
    Thank you Scarlett, you made a small boy and his friends very happy.

  9. This cake is amazing! What size cake pan did you use to make chocolate pound cake? Did you use anything to make sure the icing stuck to the cake...apricot jam or anything? How did you make the various pieces of the lego man stick together?

    Sorry for all the questions!! :)



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