Click on This List

1. This Moschino Dress

2. These Beatles themed Hello Giggles Nails of the Dayj

5. These two Hunger Games themed pictures and THE FACT THAT I JUST BOOKED MY TICKET! 

7. This Picture.

8. This Picture.

9. The best moment of my internetting life... ever... ever...

Happy Wednesday 
Love Scarlett 


  1. SO happy for you!
    I'd die if Zoeey Deschanel mentioned me in a Tweet. I just watched the last Episode of New Girl. Can't wait for more.

  2. #9 is just plain ol' awesome. I love the cross stitch!
    The Vanity Fair photobooth pictures are always my favourite part about the Oscars. And Kristen Wiig and Emma Stone together made it that much better!


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