The Week in Photos

If I'd thought I'd been busy with Knit Relief before and during it, it was nothing compared to how crazy it's been this week. I must have sent about 1000 emails all in one week and I must say my eyes are looking a bit square! Despite the work, it was such an amazing thing to have happened and I don't think I will ever stop thanking everyone involved! I haven't really been tweeting or blogging at all this week (which I'm pretty sure no one cares about) but I thought I would share a few photos of the things I have been up to. 

This is Posy all dressed up in her Deely Boppers on the night of Sport Relief. As I'm sure you can imagine she wasn't too pleased, but a dog's gotta suffer to be beautiful!

I will admit right now I have so far spent a lot more time on these boxes than I have on actual revision...

This is a picture of a tree near our house, although I usually hate sunny weather it has been to lovely to ignore this week. 

I made this owl from a kit I bought at an amazing new pop-up shop called My Pop Up Design Shop. I will be doing a whole blog on them coming up but this owl was too cute to ignore. It's made by sewing old bits of knitting together and I think I'm going to try to make a few on my own with some jumpers... 

My brother has been stealing the spotlight away from me and my baking by making these SCRUMMY Humingbird cupcakes. He's very cute and a very good bake, and even though he's given up chocolate for Lent apparently cocoa powder doesn't count...

I also made these tiny cupcakes on the weekend for a friend. I even made the little blue flowers which I was pretty proud of!

@JennyJHoward sent me this amazing badge to say thanks for Knit Relief! I haven't stopped wearing it!

And I made this District 12 badge for when I went to see... THE HUNGER GAMES. (which I'm still not ready to talk about)

Okay I know I know I know I KNOW! I forgot to do March Photo-A-Day. But I 100%, cross my heart swear to die stick a needle through my eye promise I'm going to do the April one. It looks very good!

I hope everyone who's on Easter break is having a great time and if you're not then I hope you're just having a great time anyways. I'm going to the country this evening so expect lots of baking and pebble painting coming up soon.

Love Scarlett 


  1. Hi Scarlett! I just found your blog through HelloGiggles and I think it's the best. I'm even thinking about joining the TwitKnit club, although last time I tried knitting I just made a giant rectangle and then was too intimidated to try anything else. I do love hearing about your projects though! Congrats on Knit Relief!

  2. Oh yay, April Photo a day! I'll definitely be trying it out :)
    Your brother's cupcakes look delicious- as do the tiny ones (though I'd have trouble eating those, since they're so cute and small!).
    Love the revision box and book!

  3. I was actually thinking of you yesterday (a little earlier than you posted this blog entry): "The great wave of public enthusiasm for KnitRelief may have ebbed away now, but Scarly is still left with all the organising, getting things in order and send away purchased items ... - This needs to be honoured just as well as her preparations!" An appreciation letter will arrive in due time.

    And baking brothers can never be encouraged enough. I agree about his cocoa powder Lent philosophy, by the way. Mostly because I'd otherwise get into serious Lent trouble myself.


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