Knit Relief Update 2

Hey Guys,

Knit Relief is going so well so far and I'm continually blown away by the incredible responses I've had. Everyone has just donated the MOST lovely things ever and I'm so so happy. I hope everyone watched the David Walliams documentary, it really made me think about all the things people do and I so hope we can make a contribution to the amazing charity that is Sport Relief 

So here are some more of our amazing items that are all going to be available when the auction launches (This Thursday). If you want to find out more about Knit Relief click HERE and if you want to see the other items up for grabs click HERE

- One set of beautiful mittens and the cutest strawberry hat from Kate Curtis

- A lovely shawl from Vickie Glynn

- Three adorable little animals from Anna Morrissey (picture from pattern)

- These yummy baby booties from Susanna Wisniewski

- This amazing knitting and sewing bag from Anita

- An Awesome Tardis phone sock, knitted to the size of your phone, from Meg Roberts

- This beautiful broach from Louise Howe

- This awesome Kermit Toy from Louise Campbell

- This beautifully knitted cushion from Rebecca Cobb

- This awesome American Flag cushion from Cath Fearn

- A crocheted phone cover, knitted to the size of your phone and in the colour of your choice by Cath Fearn

- A pack of 10 beautiful handmade greetings cards from Michele

- This absoulutly amazing knitting print from Julie Rhodes

- This gorgeous quilt from Sharon Mcbeth

- This adorably scary crocheted triceratops from Renee Quinn

- This lovely cherry backpack from Kathy Hill

- These beautiful little baby booties from Rachel Hill knitted in the size, style and colour of your choice

- This awesome hat from Jenny Howard

- This amazing bracelet, also from Jenny Howard

- This lovely shawl from Evie Jones

- A wonderful cross stitch of your favourite Mr Men or Little Miss from Amanda Summons (picture from pattern)

-  This absoulutly gorgeous knitting bag from Val

- This incredible quilt from Ruth Al-Mushadani

- An awesome cross-stitch of the tweet of your choice from Kate Curtis

- This ADORABLE bunny from Lisa Coates with a jumper in the colour of your choice

I hope everyones looking forward to Thursday, I certainly am, it's going to take me a while to list all the items so if I don't have it up first thing on Thursday don't be alarmed! Keep checking this blog for more exciting updates and information and remember to keep spreading the word!

Love Scarlett xx


  1. Oh my god, that is an amazing collection of items! I can't wait for this auction to go live. I could spend a serious amount of money.

  2. It is *so* inspiring to see the incredible amount of creative energy and imagination that all the contributors (and our managing mastermind Scarly) are investing in this - and to know there are so many people out there who love the little beauties of life.


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