VERY Exciting Knit Relief News...

Hello, Okay... this is pretty exciting. Like more exciting than the fact that I'm going to see the Hunger Games tonight levels of exciting...

Tomorrow morning (Sunday 25th of March) Channel 4 are launching their new show Sunday Brunch. It's going to be a brilliant show with hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer from 10am-12pm. Although this news would be exciting in itself the REALLY exciting news is that Knit Relief is going to be featured on the TV show ON THE TV!!!!

Can you believe it? Because I still can't. I've sent over a few different Knit Relief items which they will hopefully be putting on the show and fingers crossed it all goes well! I have no idea what they are going to talk about but it's so exciting I can't stop smiling!

So remember to watch SUNDAY BRUNCH ON CHANNEL 4 AT 10AM and remember to keep bidding on Knit Relief as there is only one day left!

Lots of Love and excitement,
Scarly x


  1. Ooh. Now that is some exciting news. As if I wasnt already looking forward to it enough, now they are featuring Knit Relief - well done you !! xx

  2. well done,
    sadly I cannot watch as I will be out but I will 4 od it.

  3. Im so glad for you!! It deserves the the recognition! I wish I could have got more involved in this! xxx


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