Happy Halloween

Hey Guys! Happy Halloween. Wahooo. I was super super excited about going into school today dressed in my awesome devil costume that I spent ALL NIGHT making. I get into school and... I'm the only one dressed up. Like THE ONLY ONE! It actually happened. That full on Mean Girls, Princess Diaries, every young adults book you've ever read moment. It was crazy. But I did feel pretty special. 

Anyway the real thing I wanted to talk about was that my FAVOURITE blogger Miss Indie is having an  awesome Halloween Blog Party all day today on her incredible blog. She's going to be posting D.I.Y.s, tips and so many other fun things! I cant wait. 

Make sure you check it out because she's awesome and it's going to be incredible. 

Hope everyone has a lovely day.

Love Scarlett. 

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  1. I love that you went to school dressed up, LOVE it. Wish I had done stuff like that. Love your pumpkins too :-) very chic. I spent the morning gagging over pumpkin innards instead.. no one told me they were smelly. :-(


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