Cake Pops

I was sorting through some of my old photos last night (like you do when it's 3 am and your still awake) and I found some pictures of these cake pops I made for fathers day and completely forgot about! 

If you haven't heard of cake pops, they are a new craze in the world of baking and consist of crumbled up cake mixed with frosting and coated in chocolate - YUM! They are amazing and although they are pretty tricky to make they were not actually as hard as I thought they would be and definitely worth the wait. 

These ones were chocolate cake but recently I made some Red Velvet ones with cream cheese frosting and those were INCREDIBLE! 

I used the book Cake Pops by Angie Dudley which has some really cute suggestions for other shaped cake pops. 

I also bought some blue candy melts (basically just blue chocolate buttons) which I used to make these ones. Then I covered them in little red heart sprinkles. 

Hope everyone is having a brilliant half term and if you're not on half term then I'm very sorry.

Love Scarlett. 


  1. Hi! First of all, I'm a very new follower (found you through HelloGiggles yesterday) and I absolutely adore your blog!

    Looking through the last 50 pages or so of your blog you have managed to make me totally excited about knitting. I remember trying to knit about ten years ago and failing miserably. Now however I'm ready to give it another chance. Seeing these intimidating pictures of hats made by very experienced knitters has made me a bit nervous though. It all seems far too advanced for me and I don't even know the basics. So I'm wondering, what do I need to start knitting? Do I need lots of different types of yarn? Where would you recommend a beginner to start? Are there any good websites for new knitters? Maybe you'd even be up for making a little "knitters introduction" post?

    Thank you for such a lovely blog!

  2. wow! this is like the most lovely comment I have ever recieved. and I have lots to tell you! First of all, knitting is a lot easier than most people think it is. Once you've got the intial stitch nothing will be that hard again.

    I can only talk from my own experience but i started by making scarves. Which is boring but amazing practice. All you need is a pair of needles and a ball of yarn. Then you must learn how to cast on. And how to do garter stitch. Once you have learnt these too you just knit until the scarf is as long as you want it and then learn to cast off. These 3 things are pretty easy and the foundation of all knitting.

    I know this sounds a little wierd but I learnt ALL my knitting skills from youtube. If you search for what you are trying to learn there are about a million vidoes that will show it to you perfectly.

    A begginers start to knitting is a brilliant idea! I will work on it today and hopefully have it up soon. Hope this was a little bit of help.


  3. Your cake pops are beautiful! And I'm glad you've said they're not as hard as you thought they'd be to make, because I'm always looking at Bakerella's and going 'wow, I could never make those!' I'm thinking of making some for Christmas, so you've definitely given me the confidence to make some :)

  4. I attempted to make cake pops but they just kept sliding down the stick :/ Yours are absolutely gorgeous though! Any tips? x


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