A Polaroid a Day.

I mentioned my polaroid a day project on one of my earlier blogs and I thought I would do a full blog on it now as it's going pretty well. I got my polaroid camera a few months ago. It's one of the mini ones. You can buy them here. I love it so much but I'm always to scared or worried to use it. The thing is if you are always saving them for special occasions you end up never using it. So I decided to start my polaroid a day. 

I tied some strong thread across the wall in my bedroom and ever day I peg a picture onto it and write the date on the peg. 

I don't like to take that many photos but this is a really great way of summing up your day.

These are some of my favourite photos so far. The first is my mum and dad all dressed up for a party, the second is my brother in a pink wig, the third is me and posy in bed and the fourth is me and posy on my first day of my new school.

Even if you don't have a polaroid camera, a picture a day is a great way of having something to show for your week and it's super easy. 

I hope everyone is have a lovely day. I have decided to start christmas baking early so I have been making fudge all week and keeping a little bowl of it by the door. It doesn't last long!

Love Scarlett 


  1. Oops, can you possibly add the link as to where to buy them? :) Thanks x

  2. oh gosh yes sorry! so silly. this is the camera I have - I really love it! xx

  3. I would love one, the thing is the refills/paper/yanno what I mean - anyway they are just so expensive?! £10 for 10 sheets? Is that right? I'm not sure I can afford it sadly :(


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