The Click on This List 3.

This weeks Click on This List is a little late but it's full of awesome things to help keep you procrastinating as long as is humanly possible.

1. This awesome Cheap and Easy Halloween Makeup. The tin foil is genius! I practiced on the weekend and it looked brill. But I still have eyelash glue on my face...

2. This video of Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake when they were teeny. It's SO cute. I also saw Crazy Stupid Love this week which I loved!

3. This picture of William and Kate. Words cannot explain how much I love them. 

4. A Very She & Him Christmas - It's not even out yet and I'm already flipping out. Zooey Deschanel + Christmas is my idea of HEAVEN. Listen to the first track and you will feel automatically happy.

6. This Hot Chocolate Spoons D.I.Y - this is the perfect autumn recipe for cute little chocolate spoons that you swirl through your hot chocolate to make it even yummier.

7. This Hilarious Video from Hello Giggles -  okay two videos about Ryan Gosling in one list. That's pretty intense. But this one is hilarious.

8. Tom Hanks Thank You Cards - I gots to be making some of these come Christmas Time. 

Love Scarlett x

1 comment:

  1. The rag doll costume is so cute! This is extremely helpful, since I needed ideas for my Raggedy Ann costume. :)


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