Twit-Knit Club Update

Dear Twit-Knit Club,

I have a confession, and it's a pretty bad one. I started a new school recently and the rise in 'normal' teenage activities has resulted in a decline of knitting activity which means... I haven't finished my hat yet :( I have been working on it really hard but unfortunatly it is not yet done.

Despite having slowed down myself everyone else in the club has been doing amazingly!

@bakebakegirl has finished her beautiful blue and purple hat (don't worry, thats not a picture of her).

@baileysbear is doing awesomely with her orange hat. 

@megeroberts and @kateeroberts made these cute little hats for the Innocent Smooth Campaign

@JennyJHoward knitted this lovely grey hat for a soldier in Afghanistan 

@Mhairi AMAZING multi-coloured hat. 

@faithyb33 soft and beautiful pink hat with flower

@VicksG beautiful baby in her adorable Twit-Knit Club hat! 

This is my pink hat so far :( as you can see I'm not doing anywhere near as good as these Twit-Knit Club members... but it is pink. 

Because Hats was a much harder project than usual everyone is still at different stages so while still carrying on with hats I am also going to launch our next project which is... TWIT-KNIT FOOD! 

Knitted food is incredible! And there are so many different patterns out there. I will do a proper launch blog sometime this week but until then please start thinking about what you are going to knit. Twit-Knit Food is going to be our best project yet. 

You can join in the knitting fun by using the twitter hashtag #twitknitclub  or just tweet me @scarlykfcurtis. We are growing bigger every day and there was even an article about Twit-Knit Club on Crafty Crafty you can find it here.

Good luck to everyone still finishing their hats and for everyone else... get excited for Twit-Knit Food!

Love Scarlett.


  1. Hi, wouldn't worry about being behind on your hat, would you believe I am still on the blanket, now on my 90th square I think, my daughter wants it for her bed so had to go quite big! Will hopefully be able to join in on the next project.

  2. 90th square!! thats amazing! i'm so proud. send me a picture of your work so far and I will definitely put it up. keep on knitting. xx


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