The Click on This List 2.

In case anyone hadn't noticed... it's October! Yay! I love autumn so much... almost has much as I love winter. And today is the first day I have properly felt the cold so I decided it was the perfect chance to curl up in bed and make this weeks Click on This List.

1. War Horse Trailer - Amazing book, amazing play, and what looks like an amazing movie! And... it comes out at Christmas which means... CHRISTMAS IS COMING.

2. Pink Bear Ear Warmers - I ordered these from Etsy to keep my ears warm :)

3. Caramel filled apples. - the perfect Autumn snack. Can also be made with melted chocolate. YUM.

4. This Toilet

5. The Young Adults Trailer. - looks like a great movie + a super cute dog.

6. Rookie Magazine - An AWSOME new online magazine full of really interesting articles by young people. My favourite was this article on the Slut Walk.

7. Pillow Case Dresses - a really incredible charity. I'm definitely going to try and make one!

8. Pumpkin Art - I need to give some of these a try.

Happy October everyone. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Love Scarlett.


  1. Well shucks...

    Hello there, it's Becky from pixielated here...

    And I think you look adorable in your Bear Ears!

    I hope you like them...


  2. ah wow thats so awesome! i love my ears so much! thank you :)


  3. Its interesting to see Rookie magazine on here, because Rookie led me here


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