Lots of Puppys

OK... I have a confession to make. Up until very recently... I was NOT a dog person. In fact I was pretty much what you would call the opposite of a dog person. We had 3 cats, had never even considered getting a dog, and to tell you the truth dogs mostly terrified me. When I was one year old (I am told) I was sitting on beach when a large dog decided to dig a big whole right by the place where I was sitting, he chucked a mountain of sand up into my tiny sun burnt face and I have pretty much been terrified of dogs and sand ever since.

Then a few months ago everything changed. I spend a lot of time on my own (as you can probably tell by the ridiculous amount of craft and movie watching I do) and the cats just weren't proving the best company. So it occured to me that a dog could be exactly the companion I was looking for... and then we found...

(its actually meant to be spelt POSY but I got so excited about biscuit making that I spelt it wrong)

Tomorrow is our official two week anniversary together and I am in shock every day at how well its going and how much I love her. She has settled in AMAZINGLY and is already about 80% house trained. She seems to spend most of her time either sleeping on my bed or trying to kill my feet and running around like a mad man. She has a little pen in our kitchen and there has not been one person enter the house so far who has not fallen in love with her. Its official.. I'm dog crazy.

Here is a little fact file so you can get to know her better.

Name - Posy Kate Middleton Freud Curtis

D.O.B. - May 3rd 2011

Mother - Apricot Toy Poodle named Coco.

Father - White Maltese Terrier named Santos.

Favourite Food - Chicken and Chedder Cheese

Favourite Colour - Pink (obvi)

Favourite Things - Her Donut toy, her mini tennis balls and my burts bees lip balm which she takes everywhere.

Mortal Enemys - Yarn and my feet.

Favourite Book - Ballet Shoes (her namesake Posy Fossil)

Favourite Movie - she hasnt managed to stay awake for an entire movie yet but lets assume we have similar taste.

I know I may seem a little puppy crazy at the moment and I'm pretty sure my endless tweeting is going to cost me a few followers but believe me, if you met her, you would be too. However I do swear this shall be my most Puppy filled blog and then I will try to go back to normal.

Although Posy is of course incredibly distracting I have still been managing to keep up with my knitting and in my Puppy Frenzy decided to knit a dog. I found this INCREDIBLE blog called Mochimochi Land which has some of my favourite patterns of all time! I downloaded their pattern for 'Pileable Pups' which was five pounds and worth every penny! I have decided to call the knitted pup Cooper as that was what I wanted to call Posy if she was a boy. I originally wanted Posy and Cooper to be friends but after seeing her rip a ball of yarn to shreds I thought it might be best to keep them apart...

The pattern was definitely tricky but so worth it in the end. I love both my new puppys!

I hope you have enjoyed this puppy filled blog post and have an amazing weekend!

Love Scarlett and Posy xx


  1. Such a cute puppy, we have 3 cats too and my OH said there was no way they could cope with a dog, but know I can prove him wrong. How are the cats coping?? Love the knitted puppy too, might have to give that a try.

  2. Thank you so much! The cats are coping great. They hiss a little bit at her but they spend all day hanging around her pen and trying to get her attention so I think they love her really. Definatly give the puppy a try and if it looks too confusing there are loads more incredible patterns on the same website. x

  3. gosh! what an adorable puppy!

    did you call her Posy after Ballet Shoes character?

    ah - swooning at memories of teenage self in england all those (cough) years ago.

    how lovely, truly.

    all the best from team gloria in NYC.

  4. That knitted puppy is outstanding. It reminds me of 'The Moog'- a very endearing hound of very little brain, out of 'Willo the Wisp'.

    You real life puppy is so very cute that she hardly looks real.

  5. I found your blog via shared hobby knitting...and so glad I have see your puppy pics too! :-D


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