Make it yourself... Rainbow Craft Table

I once again found the inspiration for this project online, and I couldn't help trying it out for myself. I does take a bit of time but it is a lot easier than it looks and will turn any ordinary surface into the funnest table you have ever come across. FACT.


1. A white or wooden painted table.
2. Some multi-coloured masking tape.
3. Some scissors.

Step One (there really is only one step):

Decide what order you want your colours in and while sitting at the end of the table you are working on, begin to lay the tape out flat onto the surface.

You must make sure you pop any air bubbles stuck under the tape as these could mess up the finished project. And make sure the table is nice and clean before you start.

After a few lines you will really start to get into a rythem and work out how to make the tape as straight as possible. And a few minuites later... TA DA. A rainbow craft table.

Tell me if you decide to make your craft table as fun as mine. And make sure you send me a picture.

Love Scarlett.

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