Summer Reading Suggestions

Anyone that follows me on Twitter knows that I LOVE reading and am constantly asking for suggestions. I will confess that I hardly ever actually read but am a complete audiobook addict. The second I wake up I press play on my ITunes and for the rest of the day whenever I am alone I will be listening to an audiobook. It may seem a little strange and is probably not the best way of reading but it means I get through a lot of books and that I am never ever lonely. It also provides great company while knitting. I absoulutly love every book on this list so if you do feel like reading any of them please tell me if you love them too. And if you hate them then please dont blame me!

My Favourite Author - Kazuo Ishiguro.

I finished Remains of the Day at 3am and went running into my parents room crying like a lunatic, mostly because of how sad it was but also because it was over. Not a day goes by when I don't think about these two books and what they mean. 

One For The Knitters.

If you love knitting, and if you are on this blog there is a pretty big chance you do, read this book straight away! Not only is it about knitting and New York (the best place on earth) but it is also a really, really great book.

The COOLEST Book I Have Ever Read.

I read this book a few months ago and have been forcing it on every single person I know. It's impossible to explain so just read it... NOW. 

Comfort Reading.

The Best Book to Read on Holiday.


This is the not only one of my favourite books but my single favourite AudioBook of ALL TIME. Michael McIntyre reads it and its basically 8 hours of stand-up. I love him so much anyway that I was always going to love his book but I actually think it's a really great and beautifully written book. 

Moving/Sad/Beautifully Written.

VERY Scary.

Two Classics.

Favourite Authors

Nancy Mitford and Evelyn Waugh are two more of my favourite authors and it's really hard to pick just one of their books each as I love everything I have read by both of them (especially handful of dust). One of the reasons I love both these books is because everyone thinks you are very clever while reading them and your teachers love it, but in my opinion they are so cool and clever they could have been written yesterday.

What I'm Reading Now... (and LOVING)

Love Scarlett x


  1. Brilliant suggestions! I suggest you read the Brenda & Effie books by Paul Magrs they, at it's most basic form, are about the Bride of Frankenstein running a B&B in Whitby. Her and her best mate getting into all sots of supernatural capers. Their not scary but are very addictive.

  2. i loved friday night knitting club but there's a sequel which is absolutely AWFUL. do yourself a favour and don't bother reading it. it was such a let down!

  3. I LOVED Sister, although the ending really shocked, and saddened, me. The Harry Potter books, well, they speak for themselves, don't they? They were my childhood. I've heard brilliant things about 'Never Let Me Go' and 'Room', both are on my to-read list!! Michael McIntyre is possibly my favourite comedian (although followed closely by Russell Howard) so I shall definitely be reading this soon! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  4. I have just watched Never Let Me Go - I'm tempted by the book as past experiences tell me that original books are usually better than film re-makes. I'm presuming you've read Atonement? If so, I recommend some of Ian McEwan's darker stuff as well x

  5. oh wow thank you for the lovely comments and great suggestions. I will add all of those to my 'to read' list. and take the knitting sequals off it. although i have read atonement. i would 100% reccomend reading Never Let Me Go aswell. the film did a great job but the book is just so much more. xxx

  6. Lots of lovely suggestions! Just wondered whether you have found The Mitford Girls, which is a biography of Nancy and her sisters? V V interesting!

  7. scarlett - you should look into john green's novels as well. his writing is the right mixture of sad, meaningful, touching, funny, and romantic. i highly recommend any of his books, but perhaps "the fault in our stars" first.


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