Twit Knit Club Project 2 - Update

I am very pleased to announce that Twit-Knit Club project 2 is well and truly under way. And it is going very well. We have had loads of new, interesting members and everyone is doing the most amazing projects! I was a little nervous about toys as I thought some people might think they were silly, or find that the patterns on offer were too hard. But everyone has been GREAT! And I think that the toys idea is working very well.

I decided to go with Rebecca Dangers Momma and Baby Monster Pattern and I am doing it pale blue and white. It's not a super tricky pattern however it is much longer than most of the patterns I do and it is my first time using Magic Loop knitting. I found a great video for how to do magic loop here. It also is my first proper time using 2 balls of wool. I keep getting them tangled!

Starting the first leg.

My project so far.

@baileysbear is knitting her perfect boyfriend (if only it were real)

a new member @louiseefcampbell is doing this cute elephant.

This is her progress so far.

@MrsVelvet has made an awesome comic of her Twit-Knit achievements.

the beginning of @bakebakegirl VERY neat ladybug.

@happy_bunny23 only has stuffing left to do on her stripy bear!

@megeroberts and @kateeroberts are both doing these camper vans. i am very jealous.

Check out @originalcoolski lovely blog about her pepper pig.

Check out @goldenblades91 amazing frogs on her blog.

Remember it is still not too late to join Twit-Knit Club and the we would be so happy to have some new members. I am going on holiday to Montenegro for a week and will be working on my project there so if you are taking part, work on your project this week and we can decide on a deadline when I get back!

TWEET ME if you want to join and make sure you follow the Twit-Knit Club List.

Good luck to everyone working on there toys and keep on knitting!

Love Scarlett.

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